Meet the World’s Most Advanced Agency Rank Tracker

Wow your clients with reports that showcase your success on their SEO campaigns.

How do you prove to your clients that you’ve delivered on your promise to help them climb to the top of the search engines? You can’t just tell them. You have to show them. With’s agency rank tracking tool, you can generate accurate keyword reports that are fully customizable and available on-demand.

Grow Your Revenue Close More Deals Automate Reporting is the best rank tracking tool trusted by more than 2,000 companies to dominate Google search, including hundreds of top SEO services agencies such as Hozio, SarkarSEO, and Primal.





We’re known as the swiss army knife of website rank trackers. is an easy-to-use rank tracking tool with all the features SEO agencies need (and then some) to track and report their SEO strategies’ performance and status in the search engines.

Go as granular as you want with this SEO tool by executing keyword rank tracking at the device level, by location, and more, all in real-time.


Use Keyword Tracking for Desktop and Mobile Rankings


Are your client’s rankings for their most important keywords higher on Google desktop or Google mobile searches? With’s rank tracking tools, you can answer that question!

Not only that, but you’re limited to Google’s main search results, like other rank trackers. You can also get keyword ranking data for Google Local Maps and YouTube videos.


Get Insights for Any Language and Location


If your SEO agency is a provider for clients around the world or those with multilingual sites, use to track rankings in multiple languages.

No need to stop there with this SEO rank tracker. Track keyword performance for multiple locations by specifying a zip code or city for each keyword. You’ll get insights about rankings, including keyword search volume, to help your clients dominate local rankings, Google Maps, and more.


Dominate YouTube Search


Do your agency clients include YouTube stars, or do you have a client that creates a lot of video content? Because YouTube is the world’s number two search engine with tons of search volume, ranking opportunities for millions of keywords on this platform are yours for the taking.

Get accurate metrics about where your clients appear in search and for what keywords. Then work your magic to make them show up first.


Simplify Keyword Tracking with Tags


If you’re tracking hundreds or thousands of keywords across multiple locations, it can get overwhelming to manage all of those metrics.

Our tag feature gives you the functionality to segment your keywords for a project based on the criteria you choose. It could be based on ranking opportunities, high vs. low competition, priority, work-in-progress, etc. Then, create a report that displays only the tags you want to view or share with a client.


“In the past year alone, I’ve increased over a million dollars in revenue. We’re able to gain an extra one to two clients per week (at the very least).

– Matt Ross, Senior Vice President at Hozio


5 Reasons to Love

SEO professionals and marketing agencies tell us they love how easy to use our agency rank tracker is. But don’t let the ease of use fool you. Underneath’s pretty face is a powerful tool packed with features and functionality that get results.

1. Intuitive User Interface


Your clients pay you for results like getting their website to position one on Google, not mastering the latest agency rank tracking software. doesn’t require lengthy tutorials or onboarding to figure out. You’ll have this tool mastered in minutes. And, if you have questions, our customer service team is happy to help or provide a demo.


2. 100% Accuracy with Third-Party Verification


Trust is a huge factor for SEO agencies. Your clients need to have faith that the keyword rankings you report are accurate and you’re not blowing their budgets. Our keyword rank tracker is backed by a third-party verification tool. Just click the Spyglass icon on a report to see where your client’s website ranks on Google, Google mobile, and Google Maps results.


3. Best in Class Reporting


The way you communicate with clients on their campaigns’ performance and keyword rank changes is a critical piece in the client retention puzzle.

Instead of spending hours creating reports and drilling down the data, you can build out bespoke custom reports practically on autopilot using our keyword rank tracker. No more manual tools like Google sheets or complicated interfaces like Google Data Studio, trying to show the latest rankings.

You’ve got everything you need to share key metrics all in one place.


4. Competitive Insights


For each project, you can also monitor your client’s top competitors and see how they compare in the search engine rankings.

As you track position history, you can look back in time and even create visual Mindshare reports for your clients based on the keywords that you are prioritizing for the campaigns, including keyword search volumes and map results.


5. Transparent Pricing


All of our pricing plans include every single feature we offer in our SEO rank tracker. You don’t have to upgrade to get access to anything or add new users.

Our pricing is based on the number of keywords you’re tracking as an agency. Plain and simple.



“I cannot survive without”

– Mohit Parnami, Director of Ribbun Software Pvt. Ltd. 


Save Time


Don’t spend hours creating and tweaking reports. With a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll have a beautiful report that looks professional and won’t leave your client saying, “What am I looking at?”

Boost Credibility


White label your reports using our tool for custom branding. Add your company name, logo, and take advantage of other customization features that make your company stand out and show you’re the best.

Speed up Shareability


You can practically create and share reports in your sleep. Actually, you can. Simply set a schedule and delivery method for your reports, and they’ll go to the right person at the right time and in the right format.


A Complete Suite of Tools at Your Agency’s Fingertips


Professional Dashboard

View your stats at a glance with a visually appealing dashboard that you can share with team members and clients.

Advanced Tracking

From local rankings to YouTube, from device to language, you can track all the things related to your keywords with our rank tracker.

Keyword Tagging

Make SEO projects manageable by tagging keywords in relevant categories for tracking and reporting.

Competitive Insights

Compare your clients’ ranking to their competitors to identify keyword opportunities and track historical data about keywords.

White Label Reporting

Customize the look and feel of your rank tracker reports and share them however you choose, including PDF, CSV, or a link.

On-Demand Alerts

Get notified whenever your clients rise or fall in the search engine results for their best keywords. Celebrate the wins!

Connected Data Sources

Connect with Google Analytics to get even more insights about organic traffic, rankings, and performance.

Powerful API

Integrate our powerful ranking data into all of your applications and ideas.

Team Access

Add unlimited team members and give them access to campaigns on a per project basis.


Now What?

Ready to take your rank tracking services to the next level?

Sign up for a free 7-day trial and see what the rank tracker can do.

Prefer some guidance in navigating the platform? We’re happy to give you a tour and walk you through all the features!





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