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We Help SEO Agencies Close Millions of Dollars...

SEO Agency

Sarkar SEO Generated More Than $10 Million in Revenue And Became One of the Top BHW SEO Sellers of All Time Within 8 Years

State 1: regular seller, unable to stand out, missed revenue

State 2: one of the top sellers of all time out of 3,600 listings, more than $10MM USD revenue generated, scaled his SEO agency to $2MM USD per year

Time Frame: 8 Years

For those of you familiar with the SEO forums, you would have surely heard of BlackHatWorld.com - an internet marketing forum with over 9 million members. I met Mohit (sarkark21) back in 2012 when we first launched Keyword.com as SerpBook and he had started with us with one of the smallest packages.

Mohit (sarkark21) had just started out in 2012 as a regular SEO seller, and fast forward today: he is doing more than $2,000,000/yr in sales. His threads multiple on BlackHatWorld.com has also hit more than 2.5 million views, pushing him to one of the top power sellers of BHW of all time.

Chatting with Mohit

The Common Denominator of the Top 0.01% of BHW Sellers


"I have been doing SEO around 10 years as of now, and I'm one of the top sellers on BlackHatWorld. I was doing very good for the last 10 years, but I would say, I started using the SerpBook from 2012. I was a very normal seller, nothing to do with the big players at the time. But finally, after using the Keyword.com, my business has started booming up and slowly, gradually, I would say after eight years, my business is moved up to four times as of now. And I'm one of the top sellers as of now in 2020, you can just go and check my threads on BlackHatWorld.

I will use Keyword.com for lifelong because even I think as of now, I cannot survive without Keyword.com, because my business is connected with the Keyword.com. If I don't use it, I don't track the keywords. If I don't track the keywords, I won't get new clients, I won't be able to hold my old clients. Keyword.com is my business life.

The interface is so easy to use, if any of my new employees join the team, he can learn [the platform] in 5 minutes.

Tracking is the most important factor. If you have done something good and you cannot explain and show to your clients the results, then it's useless.

If you are doing something, you need to show to your clients and future prospects. I am really happy and the support is really amazing."

SEO Agency

Hozio Increased Their Overall Recurring Revenue by Over $1 Million In 12 Months

State 1: time drained on reports, missed revenue

State 2: extra 40 hours per week, increased ARR by $1MM USD

Time Frame: 12 Months

Meet Matt from Hozio, they're based in New York and have offices in New York City and Long Island. They are a digital analytics and marketing company and help global grow leads and get clients and leads - ultimately through digital analytics and digital marketing and website optimization.

Catching up with Matt


"Previously we were using a home-built tool. It wasn't great. We had to spend a lot of time on it and it wasn't giving us the results that were needed. Ultimately, it was just time-consuming. So we test out a few different ones I go into that later. But the home build tool was not anything close to what you guys have to offer.

Previously, I'd be working 10, 20, 30 hours and touching 40 hours a week to be able to get analytics like this to see accurate traffic or accurate data. The ROI, making reports to the clients, and the man-hours it saved. It's increased revenue. It's been exponential. Three times for some, and exponential for others, it's enabling us to resell the clients and upsell the current clients.

One of the clients says, 'Listen, I actually had to hire two more guys to take on the workload. I've got 10 more trucks. I've got a million more dollars or $500,000 more than last season, not even last year, but last season.' They definitely want to continue going with us. They want to get more leads because ultimately they're employing more people. They scaled their operations as we scale ours.

If I had to put a number on it. Pinpoint. Maybe in the past year alone; Increased over a million dollars in recurring revenue. We're able to gain an extra one to two clients at the very least per week. That was time that I previously spent on either making reports, filling out reports, discussing them with the client.

My clients, ultimately, look at the reports and see exactly what it is. So it's fewer phone calls that they put into me, and that's more time that I'm able to use to gain extra clients or to work on other stuff."

The impact of working with you, aside from all the metrics that we've discussed is our ability to scale our operations. We've hired new employees. We've gained new offices, which we actually have to do work on the office next door, so we're expanding this overall office."

Matt Ross, Senior Vice President @ Hozio, Inc

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One thing I have always loved about SerpBook is the amazingly fast on-demand updates and accuracy.

Neil Patel

Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics


How do you count keywords tracked?

Each combination of a keyword + domain + device + location will count as a single keyword, since we need to do a unique search for it.

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my account?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at anytime - any unused days of your previous subscription will be refunded if you upgrade/downgrade.

What are on-demand Keyword Updates?

Get powerful, fresh, and instant data at anytime. We are including an additional amount of on-demand rank updates available to you everyday

Do you support accurate monthly searches?

Yes! Our system is compatible with Google's new monthly searches update. We show the exact values, rather than the ranges.

Do you support Google Mobile?

Yes! Google Mobile tracking is fully supported, we can also track AMP sites.

Do you support Google Local Listing Tracking/GMB listings?

Yes! We are all set up to track the GMB listings and Google's Local "Snack Pack" and any other Google Local Listings that come ahead of the organic listings.

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support?

We offer rank tracking for every single Google region. We can track keywords down to the ZIP code level, with full SERP verification.

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us and we'd be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.