Wherever you are, we are. On every device.
With our in-house infrastructure and 10 years of experience, we're consistently able to provide you with the freshest data, in every market, and every device, around the world - guaranteed.
One thing I have always loved about is the amazingly fast on-demand updates and accuracy.
Neil Patel
Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics
Desktop and Mobile

With Google's Mobile First update, tracking searches on mobile is more important than ever. With's desktop and mobile tracking, you have the full power to see everything.

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Verifiable Mobile Results

Rest in peace knowing what we report is accurate. We give you the full ability to verify and see what we are seeing on the mobile search.

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Every Region and Market

We can track every single region and narrow down to any market. We can go down to the local level, as much as you need to pinpoint results, down to the state/province, ZIP code/postal code, or city and neighbourhood.

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Verifiable Local Results

Streamline your source of truth. No longer have any discrepancies between team members or clients when viewing local results. Every single result we report, we back it up with 100% verifiable, full, HTML SERPs - with the ability to look back 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of volumes can you support?

We can scale up to support any volume you need, whether that's hundreds of thousands or millions of keywords. Just contact us.

What about highly remote, locations? How deep can you go?

We can track keywords at any depth, anywhere around the world. Whether that's down to the country, or local ZIP code.

Can you track a combination of local + mobile?

Yes, you can track keywords on a local level, with a mobile device.

Do you charge a premium for either mobile or local?

No, the keywords are counted as they normally would. We charge based on domain + keyword + region + location.

What if I need to track thousands of locations? How many locations can I actually track?

We can handle it all, with our decade of experience, we can support any volume. We're built for large volume tracking.

How do you handle 'keyword + near me' queries?

We support both types of keywords, such as "Toronto plumbers" and "plumbers near me" (tracking the city of Toronto). In the case of "plumbers near me", we will report local results. Click here for an example.