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Wow your agency clients with ranking reports that showcase your success on their SEO campaigns.

Show granular movement of ranks on pages to help non-technical clients understand what's going on, verify results, and expand their accounts.
Maybe in the past year alone; Increased over a million dollars in recurring revenue. We're able to gain an extra one to two clients at the very least per week.
Matt Ross
Hozio, Inc

Over 2,000+ Customers and Counting..

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A rank tracker trusted by agency professionals’s accurate keyword rank tracker has helped more than 2,000 companies elevate their search presence and achieve a positive return on investment. We’ve successfully helped SEO agencies upsell and double their client lifetime value (CLV) in three months by equipping them with the tools and knowledge to drive tangible results.

We know how skeptical clients can be about SEOs delivering too-good-to-be-true data. And that’s why we guarantee accuracy and authenticity with third-party verification. We don’t get bogged down on the jargon and complex metrics; we deliver a no-fluff tool that is intuitive for both tech and non-tech savvy individuals.

Our easy-to-understand dashboards and custom SEO reports will wow your clients month on month. To add, our competitive insights make it easier than ever to clearly identify ranking opportunities and track historical data about keywords. 


Spyglass makes your results official

No more screenshots or CSV files. Clients trust rankings when they see them with Spyglass because they come from a 3rd party source that can’t be manipulated.


Learn about your competitors and what made them rank

Other SEO ranking check tools force you to add your competitors first in order to monitor their performance. finds your true competitors based on SERPs data. Go back in time and see how they are ranking—at no extra charge.


Professional Reporting for Marketing Agencies

How do you prove to your clients that you’ve delivered on your promise to help them climb to the top of the search engines? You can’t just tell them. You have to show them. With’s agency rank tracking tool, you can generate accurate keyword ranking reports that are fully customizable and available on-demand.

Trust is a huge factor for SEO agencies. Your clients need to have faith that the keyword rankings you report are accurate and you’re not blowing their budgets. Our rank tracking data is backed by a third-party verification tool. Just click the Spyglass icon on a report to see where your client’s website ranks on different search engines including Google desktop, Google mobile, and Google Maps results.


Create a consistent, branded experience for clients

Remove any mention of Bring reports to a custom domain with your own logo so clients never question who they are doing business with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us and we’d be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support?

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support? We offer rank tracking for every single Google whether you want to track,, or – we track every region. We can also track down to the city or ZIP Code level.

Do you support Google Local Listing Tracking/GMB listings?

Yes! We are all set up to track the GMB listings and Google’s Local “Snack Pack” and any other Google Local Listings that come ahead of the organic listings.

Do you support Google Mobile?

Yes! Google Mobile tracking is fully supported, we can also track AMP sites.

Do you support accurate monthly searches?

Yes! Our system is compatible with Google’s new monthly searches update. We show the exact values, rather than the ranges.

What are on-demand Keyword Updates?

The number represents the amount of keyword + domain combinations you can have in your account at a time. Each keyword/domain you add will count as one.

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my account?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at anytime – any unused days of your previous subscription will be refunded if you upgrade/downgrade.

What does the Keywords/Domains number represent?

The number represents the amount of keyword + domain combinations you can have in your account at a time. Each keyword/domain you add will count as one.

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