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In 2011, there weren’t many options out there when it came to tracking SEO performance. Our founder, Kevin tried to create a simple tool to use for himself when he tried to track some of his own projects. Once the solution took off and the market adopted it, we had a vision to go super deep, and create a product with perfection.​
Our vision was to change how people in the SEO world track and share their results. A year later of founding Keyword.com, Kevin dropped out of University of Toronto after taking a year of computer science and started working on this full time.
We know this wasn’t going to be an easy journey. When we first started, it took forever to get anything out for public usage. Even with some hiccups in the road, our product is now used by thousands of SEO agencies and teams.

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The Keyword.com story

November 2011

The first version of Keyword.com built by Kevin, while he was still in high-school. He privately used it for his own projects and shared it with a few close friends. At this point, we did not even have a name yet for the product.
november 2011

April 2012

Keyword.com was launched to the public, under the name, SerpBook (SERP stands for 'search engine results page'). Our focus was to make a light-weight rank tracker and become the best at what we do.
april 2012

November 2012

Early adopters jumped on-board, and quickly shaped the future of Keyword.com with their feedback.
november 2012

April 2020

At this point, the product was over 8 years old. Everything worked great, but had accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years.
april 2020

May 2020

We rebranded from SerpBook to Keyword.com
may 2020


We decided for Keyword.com to go to the next level, we had to rebuild it from scratch. It took 2 years, countless revisions, dozens of user interviews, and nearly $1MM invested in product development to get to where we are at today. Going through this rebuild was not easy, nor fun - but it was ultimately best for the vision of the company.