Google SERP simulator - prove that rankings are real

Spyglass shows clients their true rankings on the SERPs, so you can stop worrying about convincing them.


Simulate Google SERPs

Local accuracy

SERPs for the last 30 days

Without Keyword.com

Clients search keywords on their own and don’t see their content ranking, because Google serves them personalized results.

Clients panic and complain to you, putting your accounts at risk.

without keyword

With Keyword.com

Spyglass serves HTML snapshots clients can interact with. They see their rankings in a SERP that looks as real as Google itself.

Clients believe what they see, trust your work and renew their contracts


with keyword

If it looks like Google and it ranks like Google...

Clients are skeptical and that will never change. Spyglass gives them visual proof that the rankings you are getting for them are real and accurate.

if it looks like google and it ranks like google

Unbiased — wherever you or your clients are based​​

Spyglass shows accurate results for any location in the world, without you having to use proxies and VPNs to localize your rankings.​​

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Case study

How Third-Party Verification Helped This Digital Agency Doubled Its Revenue

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Accurate SERPs for a full month

See exact ranking results with our Google SERP simulator for today, yesterday, and the day before, up to 30 days. Monitor your keywords and your competitors’ progress.​

accurate serps for a full month

Spyglass makes your results official

No more screenshots or CSV files. Clients trust rankings when they see them with the Spyglass Google SERP simulator because they come from a 3rd party source that can’t be manipulated.​ Try the free SERP simulator.

spyglass makes your results official

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