Spyglass - Free Google SERP Simulator and Keyword Position Checker

Try Spyglass: Keyword.com’s free SERP simulator and keyword position checker to see how you rank in multiple locations. Our free keyword rank checker simulates Google searches for multiple devices and locations in seconds. 


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How to Use the Free Google SERP Simulator and Rank Tracker

  1. Enter your search term, such as “keyword tracker.”
  2. Select your Google region from the drop-down list.
  3. Choose your preferred language and search location. The filled-out form should look like this:

4. Choose “organic search results” or “local search results,” depending on the SERPs you want to view. 

The Keyword Rank Tracker

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Why You Should Choose Our Free Keyword Position Checker

  • View SERPs for different locations and languages
  • View local listing search results for commercial intent keywords
  • See how you rank for important search terms across all your target locations


Unlock more rank-tracking benefits with our premium rank checker tool.


Keyword Rank Tracking FAQs

Find answers to common keyword position tracking questions.


1. How do I check my keyword rank for free?

Use Keyword.com’s free rank checker to monitor your position in the SERPs in real-time. You can filter results by location and see exactly how you rank for important keywords in specific geographic areas. 


2. Why do I need to track my keyword rankings?

Tracking keyword rankings helps you stay on top of SERP changes in multiple locations. You can catch fluctuations in rankings for important keywords early. You also get keyword suggestions to help you quickly discover and take advantage of SERP opportunities.


3. How many keyword rankings can I view with Keyword.com’s free SERP checker? 

With our free rank tracker, you can view as many SERP results as you want. We also offer a premium version of our rank tracker tool that includes additional features, such as the ability to track multiple keywords, track your rankings in various locations simultaneously, and get notified of changes in your rankings. Alternatively, you can use our keyword rank tracker API to analyze ranking data in bulk.


4. What search engines does Keyword.com’s free rank tracker support?

Our free rank tracker supports Google searches across multiple locations. You can find more search engines when you upgrade to the paid tool.


5. How accurate is Keyword.com’s free SERP simulator and position checker? 

100% accurate. Our free keyword tracker simulates real-time Google SERP results for different countries. You can even filter the results to show SERP rankings for specific regions within a country.