Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any larger plans?

Absolutely. Simply contact us and we’d be happy to set up a custom package for you. We can accommodate packages of any size.

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support?

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support? We offer rank tracking for every single Google whether you want to track,, or – we track every region. We can also track down to the city or ZIP Code level.

Do you support Google Local Listing Tracking/GMB listings?

Yes! We are all set up to track the GMB listings and Google’s Local “Snack Pack” and any other Google Local Listings that come ahead of the organic listings.

Do you support Google Mobile?

Yes! Google Mobile tracking is fully supported, we can also track AMP sites.

Do you support accurate monthly searches?

Yes! Our system is compatible with Google’s new monthly searches update. We show the exact values, rather than the ranges.

What are on-demand Keyword Updates?

The number represents the amount of keyword + domain combinations you can have in your account at a time. Each keyword/domain you add will count as one.

What if I want to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my account?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at anytime – any unused days of your previous subscription will be refunded if you upgrade/downgrade.

What does the Keywords/Domains number represent?

The number represents the amount of keyword + domain combinations you can have in your account at a time. Each keyword/domain you add will count as one.

What happens if I need to track more keywords and go over my plan?

You can easily add more keywords to your projects. If you go over your plan, you’ll be asked to manually upgrade before adding more keywords. A prorated amount will be charged at the end of the month and your billing will be automatically upgraded for future months. If you choose, you can easily delete keywords from your dashboard to keep your plan from upgrading.

Do I need to pay for other tools to complement this one? is not an all-in-one SEO suite. We focus on rank tracking and competitor insights. If you need to do other SEO activities, you’ll need to pay for other tools. But our guess is you are already doing that :)

Why should I use this, instead of the tracker that comes with ahrefs, or SEMRush?

The short answer: accuracy. The long answer: the big brands have a lot of powerful features we’ll never build. But because they need to work on so many features at the same time, they can’t get every little thing right. We specialize in keyword tracking. All our energy is put in making our tracker data better. And with better data, SEOs get an edge over their competitors.

How many sites can I track with your plans?

You can track unlimited sites. None of our plans have a limit on how many websites you can track.

What is an on-demand update?

Your keywords are automatically updated every day. If you choose, you can refresh your data manually. This is what we call an “on-demand” update. You get 1500, 500, or 100 on-demand monthly updates, based on which plan you choose.

I manage a team of SEOs, will be easy to use for them?

Yes. One of our strengths is how easy it is to use the tool. Here’s a quote from one of our clients: “It’s very easy and everyone learns how to work it in like 20 minutes. Even salespeople. We have a salesperson that’s in there checking ranking on their customers. And they understand it, too.”

Can I get the data out in a format that I can plug to my workflow?

Yes. You can export any table as CSV to use in other tools. We also offer a powerful API to grab data and use it as you prefer. Learn more about our API here.

What counts as a tracked keyword?

Each phrase you add to your projects counts as one keyword credit. If you want to track both desktop and mobile results, it will count as 2 keyword credits.

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