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Instantly check your keyword rankings and get the insights you need to grow your search traffic, research the competition, and dominate your niche.

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How helps you achieve search engine dominance

Accurate rankings data

Get the confidence of 100% accuracy for keyword rankings across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.

Choose your locations

See how your website is performing globally, or filter keyword rankings by country, state, city, and even zip code.

Get insights on all devices

Search results can vary depending on if the search was done on desktop or mobile. We help you track both.

Get a comprehensive and accurate view of your search performance in less than 5 minutes

Whether you’re tracking the search engine rankings of 10 keywords or 10 million,’s accurate rank tracker interface is so intuitive and easy to use that anyone can master it in about 5 minutes.

With the click of a button, you can start a new project in our SERP rank tracker and begin adding your keywords.

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How helps you achieve search engine dominance

Focus your SEO strategy on what moves the needle

You already know that organic traffic is vital to your bottom line. When people search for keywords related to your business, you’re getting high-intent search traffic combined with zero acquisition costs, unlike Google ads or advertising on any other platform.

Organic traffic is a sustainable and cost-effective way to acquire customers, but to make it work, you have to focus your efforts on what will bring in traffic and improve your rankings, starting with keyword research.

Our SEO keyword rank tracker allows you to see current keyword ranking positions, track those positions over time, and identify keyword opportunities that have the potential to dramatically grow your website traffic.

Take the guesswork out of SEO

Even among so-called SEO professionals, this field has always been somewhat of a black box, where rankings and search volume data were little more than guesswork.

The invention of keyword rank tracking tools has helped, but if a keyword position tracker is not accurate, then you’re getting nothing more than “garbage in, garbage out.” This computer science term refers to the idea that if you start with flawed data, you won’t be able to come to an accurate conclusion.

With our third-party verification tool, you get 100% verifiable results by being able to see a real-time view of the SERPs (search engine results page).

Identify new opportunities

Intuitively, you know what to track rankings for, but without actionable insights, you might miss out on valuable keywords that can drive more traffic to your website and revenue for your business.

For example, is there a keyword with massive amounts of search volume that you’re missing out on? How can you improve your current content to capture some of that traffic for your landing pages?

Another option is to review your Google Analytics or Google Search Console to see which pages have the highest conversion rates or bring in the most revenue. How well are those landing pages ranking for your target keywords?

By having this information from our online keyword rank tracker tool, you can reprioritize your SEO efforts to move your most valuable landing pages to the top of the SERP.

Spy on your competitors

Our SEO ranking tracker tool is the next best thing to sending a double agent to your competitors’ corporate offices.

With this SEO tracker tool, you can see precisely what keywords your competitors rank for and how their SEO position has improved or dropped over time.

Discover which specific web page or pages are responsible for the highest keyword rankings, and study those pages to find opportunities. Can you create a similar page with better content? Can you get more backlinks to one of your existing pages to outrank them?

Track featured snippets

With the rank tracker software, you can track more than just basic keyword rankings across search engines, mobile and desktop devices, and locations.

Now, you can also use our SEO tool to see which of your keywords rank as a featured snippet.

These graphical snippets show at the top of the search engines and get approximately 8% of all clicks, according to Search Engine Land.

Discover which of your keywords and your competitors’ keywords are earning these top keyword positions, on both desktop and mobile

Beautiful custom reports

Our SEO ranking tracker tool is the next best thing to sending a double agent to your competitors’ corporate offices.

With this SEO tracker tool, you can see precisely what keywords your competitors rank for and how their SEO position has improved or dropped over time.

Discover which specific web page or pages are responsible for the highest keyword rankings, and study those pages to find opportunities. Can you create a similar page with better content? Can you get more backlinks to one of your existing pages to outrank them?

What you get with’s keyword rank tracking software

Earning top-ranking positions from all the major search engines, along with the ability to perform location and device filtering is just the tip of the iceberg. Our accurate rank tracking tool includes everything you need to monitor keyword rankings, measure your performance, and see how you stack up against your competitors.

View rankings instantly

No matter how many keywords you’re tracking on a list, our SEO rank tracking software generates reports in mere seconds. Monitor your own target keyword(s) with this SEO tool as well as your competitors’ rankings.

Get search volume insights

Learn which keywords you should focus on and which aren’t worth the effort to rank by getting accurate search volume data and suggestions.
Then begin to track daily rankings for keywords that will lead to more website traffic while increasing your visibility score.

Identify keyword difficulty

Alongside search volume, our SEO rank tracker will show you how many pages appear in the search results for that keyword. Use this data to estimate ranking difficulty in locations like the United States as well as globally and locally.

Discover new keywords

Not sure which keywords you should try to rank for? Use the SERP tracker to explore and track keywords without having to commit to a strategy.
Use this tool for both your website and your competitors’ domains.

Get competitive intelligence

Compare yourself side-by-side with the competitors to see where you each rank for your most important keywords. Then start tracking domain performance over time.
Get answers to which of your competitors’ keywords appear in the top 10 and top 100 in ranking position.

Monitor your progress

See how your rankings have gone up or down over time, including, daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime intervals.
View both short and long-term SEO performance and identify opportunities to rank your website or your clients’ landing page, for example.

Get Instant Alerts

Don’t wait for weekly or monthly reports to see if you’ve gone up or down in the SERP. Our automated rank tracker dashboard offers instant alerts to notify you of any rise or fall in real-time so that you can keep track of where you stand.
SEO professionals also use these alerts to see where competitors are ranking and if there are any significant changes to their rankings.

Enjoy On-Demand Reports

Decide how often you want reports delivered to your inbox or the email address of one of your clients.
Need something instantly? You can also have a report sent to you whenever you want. As you track website ranking for specific keywords or VIP clients in a competitive location, you might find that you need to be more hands-on, especially if you're aiming to get ranked in Google's mobile index.

Create White Label Reports

Easily share rankings reports with your clients by white labeling them. You can also create shareable and embedded links for ultimate portability and flexibility. Regardless of your location or what countries you do business in, it’s easy to share SE rankings and other metrics using the website rank tracker platform.

Of close to 30 accounts that we brought on in the last year, only one has left. But for every other customer, reports have done nothing but solidify the relationship to the next level.

Eric Miltsch

Eric Miltsch

Co-founder, Dealer Teamwork

Data on demand

With our advanced rank tracking tool, you can access keyword ranking data across the top 100 search results whenever you want, whether it’s daily rank tracking, hourly, or one minute from now.

High-level reporting

Take a 30,000-foot view and get a picture of your overall performance at a glance. Toggle between daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime views for your keyword rank.

Granular-level data

Dig as deep into the data you need with our research tools. Check individual keyword rank or track keyword rankings over specific time periods or on devices like mobile or desktop to demonstrate how well you’ve performed for your team or your client.

Make annotations in your rank tracker to document when you’ve made a significant change.

Do more and do it easily

Daily updates

Get a report in your inbox to go with your daily morning coffee.

On-demand updates

Click and see your rankings update live before your eyes.

SERP features

Discover if your keywords trigger a special feature on the SERPs.

Google Maps Tracking

See how your business ranks in your local service area.

Keyword suggestions

Get relevant keyword ideas for your projects.

Keyword tagging

Analyze keywords grouped by intent, products, personas, and more.

Unlimited users

Add coworkers and clients to collaborate in your account.

Custom alerts

Be the first one to know when critical ranking changes happen.

Google Analytics integration

Compare GA traffic data with your SEO optimization work. is a rank tracker built for businesses of all sizes

It’s a Platform Designed to Fit the Needs of Everyone from the Solo Content Creator to Marketers with 8-Figure SEO Agencies.

We built our rank tracker for SEO agencies to be a comprehensive tool for SEO rank monitoring and competitive intelligence.

Over the past 10 years, has evolved from a simple tool we created for personal use to the fastest and most accurate software to track your website rankings in Google and other major search engines. for SEO agencies

The annual churn rate for SEO agencies ranges from 50% to 90%. Not surprisingly, it’s not the price that an SEO professional charges that makes most customers run for the hills after a few months. Business owners are happy to pay top dollar for a premium service that yields their business a positive ROI.

Instead, it’s a lack of tangible results and poor communication that causes a client to seek greener pastures and look to other resources (or your competitors) to get help with their SEO strategy.

With our Google rank tracker, we help SEO agencies double their client lifetime value within 3 short months by boosting their performance and helping them position their products better.

How we do it for SEO agencies

  1. We empower you with tools to easily share your SE ranking results with a non-technical audience.

    Your clients shouldn’t have to be SEO professionals to see their progress in keyword rankings. That’s why they hired you!

    With our rank monitoring tool, you’ll be equipped with easy to understand dashboards and reports that will wow your clients month after month.

    You’ll even be able to create sharable links to share entire reports, a subset of data, or a single SE ranking with anyone, including existing clients and prospects. These links are view only, so nothing gets altered without your permission.

  2. We guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of your data with third-party verification.

    Clients are often skeptical of agencies who present results metrics or an SE ranking that seems too good to be true. This lack of trust can jeopardize a relationship from day one and make the chances of hanging onto clients long-term very low.

    To ensure that an SE ranking that you claim is number one is actually in the top spot of the search engines, all rankings are verified via our Spyglass verification tool. Simply click on the icon to be taken to the SERP list to confirm your rankings.

  3. Save time with automated reporting.

    Even though your clients want to see results, they don’t want to spend the bulk of their SEO budget paying you for pretty reports and customized dashboards. Instead, they want a higher rank. If you’re spending more time on reports than on an SE ranking strategy, that’s a problem.

    The rank tracker automatically generates and distributes reports based on your preferences. You choose who to send them to, what categories and projects you want to share, and when. And, if you need a report on-demand, you can schedule the report to send to any location instantly. You can even share a URL in English or customize the language in your outgoing message.

    You also have the option to white label your rank tracker reports so that they come directly from your agency or website. Customize the messaging directly from’s interface and add company information like your logo, company URL, and a description of the report. for SEO teams

The SE ranking for a keyword can change literally overnight. Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a dedicated SEO team, you need to know right away if there’s been a change to the SERP for words that you’re ranking for.

Armed with the rank tracker SEO tool, you’ll have an unfair advantage with keyword data and insights, helping you reach your goals faster while crushing the competition.

How we do it for SEO teams

  1. Get on-demand SE ranking updates in seconds.

    This rank tracking solution gives you on-demand performance updates lightning fast. Even if you’re tracking thousands of keywords and monitoring hundreds of SERP features, you’ll be able to get the latest information without having to wait for hours.

  2. Dominate your niche or market.

    The competition for local SEO is ruthless. With everyone clamoring to rank for the most coveted keywords, you have to work that much harder to ensure you stand out and climb to the top of Google and the other search engines.

    With the local rank tracker, you can track your rankings and keyword performance by country, state, city, and even zip code. Focus on achieving a higher rank for local listings, i.e., the Google Maps 3-pack, or ignore the location setting altogether if you’re running.

  3. Harness the power of full API access.

    You’ve got the power of big-data to help you rank with access to’s API. Unlock all the potential to customize your account and get access to billions of unique pages and terms.

    You can choose to continue to focus on improving your SE ranking. Or, integrate our powerful ranking data into your applications and ideas. We’ll give you all the data and computing power you need for your site or application. for Enterprise SEO

When you need to do SEO at scale or rank thousands (or millions) of keywords, the stakes are even higher. is an ideal tool for enterprise teams to rank the most keywords. Wow the socks off of shareholders with results that speak for themselves.

How we do it for enterprise SEO

Our enterprise rank monitoring solution includes everything that we offer teams and agencies, just more of it. Get virtually unlimited projects, users, and keyword tracking options. What you can do with the platform is only limited by your imagination.

Get everything you need for one low price

Our rank tracker comes with a full suite of features for one low price. We don’t make you decide what SERP features you need and what features you can live without. is a robust, yet affordable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Unlike a giant suite of tools like ahrefs, our keyword rank checker can be scaled up or down in price, depending on how many keywords and on-demand updates you need, but you’ll never pay a dime extra for features like monitoring competitors’ rankings or using our tracking tools for mobile.

Here’s what’s included in every single one of our plans:

  • 100% accurate SEO rank tracking using Spyglass Verification
  • On-demand updates
  • Unlimited users
  • Tracking for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube
  • GMB local rank tracking
  • Desktop and mobile tracking
  • Unlimited competitor monitoring
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • Downloadable, exportable, and shareable reports in PDF and CSV formats
  • Full API access
  • Shareable and exportable graphs
  • Scheduled and on-demand email reports
  • White label options
  • Notes and annotations
  • SERP features
  • Monthly search volume and indexed search results
  • Tag management for rank tracking segmentation
  • Keyword explore tool
  • Google Analytics integration
  • User-friendly interface

Try the best seo rank tracker risk-free for 7 days is an advanced rank tracker trusted by the biggest names in marketing including Shopify, Neil Patel, and 2,000 other clients!

If you’re looking for a SEO rank monitoring software that leads to the surefire success of your SEO strategy, look no further than We offer a 7-day free trial and 14-day money-back guarantee.

During your free trial, we don't restrict you in any way. Get our most robust plan and demo all the tracking features without paying a cent. You'll have access to all of our rank tracker tools so that you can begin gathering data and rankings from day one.

Whether you want to test our tool on a single landing page or all of the sites in your portfolio, you're free track keyword data to your heart's content.

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Use the Keyword rank tracker as a lead generation tool

Most business owners agree that leads are the lifeblood of a business. Without lead generation, your company’s growth is stifled.

We believe that the quality of our Google rank checker shines as one of the best tools for lead generation.
Here’s how it works:

Add a section or widget to your site offering a free audit that tracks their keywords or reports on their rankings for mobile or desktop for their target locations (for example).

All you have to do is input the client’s site data into the SEO competitor rank tracker, and you’ll have a comprehensive report that will impress even the most discerning clients.

Ready to see what can do for your business. Get started with a free trial today.

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