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Check your keyword visibility score to discover how visible your website is in Google. Monitor the performance of your SEO efforts and find opportunities to boost your online presence. 

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On-Demand Updates

Refresh your visibility score bi-hourly, daily, or weekly to get up-to-date data on your website’s visibility in the SERPs for important keywords. 

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Keyword Visibility Across Devices and Locations

Measure your visibility index with granularity to understand your website’s local SEO performance. Our tool shows visibility at the keyword and overall site level — plus mobile and desktop devices.

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Keyword Grouping

Measure your visibility index across segments of keywords to track performance by category. Gain insights on how different keyword groups contribute to your overall site visibility.

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Accurate SEO Reports

Include the search visibility score in your keyword ranking reports to quickly communicate the impact of your SEO efforts to non-technical stakeholders.

accurate seo reports
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David Rymarz
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Our accurate visibility index score provides an at-a-glance understanding of how well your website is performing in search results. 

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Visibility score FAQs

Find answers to common visibility score questions.

You can track your website’s visibility score with Our visibility index feature shows how much visibility your website has in search results for specific keywords.

Yes, the visibility index score is available for all plans. Paid plans start at only $3/month.

As an all-in-one rank tracker tool, provides everything you need to monitor your keyword performance across multiple locations accurately — including integrations, keyword dashboards, and a rank tracker API. Check out our product tour for the full list of features.

The visibility score considers multiple factors such as keyword rankings, click-through rates (CTR), and search volumes. It uses a weighted formula to combine these elements into a single measure of performance.