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keyword rank tracker for daily keyword rank tracking
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With Keyword.com you can see your SERP history. You can see your competitors — who’s on which positions. And you can analyze what they are doing. We can’t do this with Ahrefs.
sander jonkers
Sander Jonkers
SEO Specialist, Juist

Find gaps, fix holes, and charm your clients with features other rank trackers don’t have

prove to your clients that what you're doing is working

Prove to your clients that what you’re doing is working

Spyglass Verification takes a snapshot of your true rankings and recreates the SERP for that day. There’s no stronger proof for clients than seeing their content rank on Google, as if they were searching on their own.
know your true competitors and how to beat them

Know your true competitors and how to beat them

Ranking for big keywords is fun but traffic and revenue come from a global approach. Share of Voice weighs all your keywords to show who you are really competing against and what they are doing to outrank you.

Prove to your clients that what you’re doing is working

Create a new project, drop in your keywords, and you’re done. Adding new clients and monitoring your performance doesn’t get easier with Keyword.com rank tracker.


Share your wins with clients without spending a single minute fixing spreadsheets and CSV files.
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Local & Mobile

Discover new keywords, track your existing keyword list and optimize your website for mobile or desktop devices.
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Rank Tracker API

Track search rankings from your account and push them to your custom dashboards.

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What our clients really like is that it is easy for them to see our work on a monthly basis.
johan jonsson noor digital
Johan Jonsson
Noor Digital, Sweden

Do more and do it easily

Daily updates

Get a report in your inbox to go with your daily morning coffee.

On-demand updates

Click and see your rankings update live before your eyes.

SERP features

Discover if your keywords trigger a special feature on the SERPs.

Google Maps Tracking

See how your business ranks in your local service area.

Keyword suggestions

Get relevant keyword ideas for your projects.

Keyword tagging

Analyze keywords grouped by intent, products, personas, and more.

Unlimited users

Add coworkers and clients to collaborate in your account.

Custom alerts

Be the first one to know when critical ranking changes happen.

Google Analytics integration

Compare GA traffic data with your SEO optimization work.

Find out if Keyword.com is for you

For SEO agencies

Keep your clients happy with reports that show you’re helping them rank higher.

For SEO teams

Track your progress, keep a tab on competitors, and adapt your strategy based on accurate data.

For the SEO Enterprise

Create unlimited projects and track thousands of keywords without getting drowned in data.