Best Keyword Monitoring Tools With Daily Updates

The frequency of keyword rank tracking can vary depending on industry and competition. Generally speaking, tracking weekly or bi-weekly is enough for most websites. However, more frequent (bi-hourly or daily) is necessary for highly competitive keywords or industries such as media firms, SEO agencies, tech, finances, etc. which requires specific keyword monitoring tools. 

This article focuses on the best keyword rank trackers with daily ranking updates. 

In addition, we will cover their unique features, cons, and prices.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tools With Daily Updates 

keyword rank tracking tool is a keyword monitoring software that accurately tracks mobile and desktop keyword rankings with bi-hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand updates. The purpose of this is to beat keyword ranking fluctuations in highly competitive local and global markets.

This tool has a custom alert feature that notifies you immediately if there are critical ranking changes so that you can make relevant adjustments when they matter the most. You can also monitor annual historical changes in your keyword rankings compared to your competitors.

Based on this data, you can create 1-click shareable dashboards of keyword performance daily and send automated reports in CSV/PDF via email to your clients or team members.

Sander Jonkers, SEO Specialist at Juist, mentioned, “With, we can share the keyword rankings performance dashboard link with the customer, and they can check it daily or monthly. They see what we do is helpful, making the customer happy.” has a rank-tracking API feature that extracts data from your dashboards and imports them into your internal tools.


  • Daily, weekly, or bi-hourly updates
  • Automated keyword ranking reports
  • Allows you to add unlimited users
  • White-label reporting opportunities
  • Custom alerts to make instant changes
  • Analyzes competitors with strategies to outrank them
  • Shows SERP features you are featured in


  • Forever Free – $0 per month
  • Starter – $26 per month
  • Consultant – $42 per month
  • Agency – $131 per month
  • Enterprise – $307 – $5100 per month (Depending on the number of keywords to track monthly)




SERPstat keyword rank checker tracks websites’ keyword rankings on search results for mobile and desktop devices with daily, weekly, and on-demand updates packed into white-label reports.

You can analyze different metrics on one page, including domain visibility, number of organic keywords, backlinks, referring domains, and external links. Most importantly, this rank tracker allows you to group your keywords by search intent and discover your site’s ranking potential with detailed reports shareable to clients and team members. You can choose any time interval for your report and maximize the filters available to tailor the report to your needs.


  • Provides ranking reports daily or weekly
  • Analyzes top organic competitors
  • Provides custom alerts for ranking changes
  • Provides scheduled SEO ranking reports 
  • Tracks ad position


  • Individual – $59 per month
  • Team – $119 per month
  • Birthday 2024 – $111 per month
  • Agency – $479 per month



seo clarity

seoClarity keyword rank tracker provides daily keyword ranking updates with SERP previews. This tool helps you easily navigate keyword rank changes and competitive comparisons with a 360-degree view of your ranking performance and management.

seoClarity offers no limit to the number of keywords tracked, competitor comparisons, keyword grouping, metrics, analysis, and reporting. You can create several dashboards or pick from its over 140 visualizations to showcase your keyword performance with style.


  • Shows complete SERP visibility
  • Provides visuals of your keywords Share of Visibility
  • Ranking data API exports data to external tools
  • Provides daily or weekly ranking updates


  • No white-label reporting 


  • Essentials – Request a custom quote
  • Core – Request a custom quote
  • Professional – Request a custom quote
  • Agency – Request a custom quote


Mangools SERPwatcher 

mangools serp watcher

Mangools SERPwatcher has a Performance Index feature that shows you how your site performs on SERP. This result is based on your site’s current keyword position and search volume. In addition, this software suggests related keywords you can optimize to increase your ranking.

This rank-tracking tool analyzes your SERP competitors and shows you keywords they rank on the first page of search results. 


  • Provide daily ranking updates
  • Shows competitors ranking keywords 
  • Provide custom alerts that notify you of ranking changes


  • Limited users per account
  • No ranking data API
  • No custom search ranking reports


  • Entry – $29 per month
  • Basic – $49 per month
  • Premium – $69 per month
  • Agency – $129/month


Authority Labs

authority labs

Authority Labs tracks SEO performance with accurate keyword ranking data. This software helps you automate your keyword monitoring with daily reporting of ranking changes.

You can track your keyword search results locally, mobile-specific, or globally with detailed reports showcasing ranking performances. This tool gives you a competitive advantage by tracking your SERP competitors and comparing their ranking changes with yours.


  • Daily reporting is available for all plans
  • Offers unlimited users
  • Allows white-label reporting


  • Rank data API is available for only enterprise plan
  • Keyword reports are not automated


  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Pro – $99 per month
  • Pro Plus – $225 per month
  • Enterprise – $450 per month




Serpple makes keyword tracking easy through three simple steps: add in a site’s URL, enter keywords, and the tool provides daily ranking updates and strategic SEO advice.

The rank tracking tool has a SERP alert ranking feature that sends an email notification whenever there is a change in the SERP. In addition, Serpple helps you spy on your top SERP competitors to discover their strategies, track their ranking changes, and provide strategies to outrank them. This tool also suggests high-impact keywords to increase your search visibility.


  • Offers daily rank tracking on all plans
  • Analyzes SERP competitors
  • Suggests keywords
  • Tracks unlimited domains
  • Provides ranking changes and custom alerts


  • No white-labeled reporting system


  • Side Hustler – $19 per month
  • Entrepreneur – $29 per month
  • Agency – $99 per month


SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

seo powersuit

This rank tracker monitors keyword ranking on desktop and mobile SERPs with a freely customizable rank-tracking dashboard. This tool has no limit on the number of keywords and websites to track. You can track your keywords and receive reports daily, weekly, monthly, or based on your preference. It will upload every report to Dropbox or the cloud. 


  • Tracks unlimited keywords and websites
  • Automates search ranking report
  • Allows custom keyword ranking reports


  • No ranking changes custom alert 


  • Free –  $0
  • Professional – $299 yearly
  • Enterprise – $499 yearly


Rank Ranger

rank ranger

Rank Ranger rank tracker helps you keep tabs on all your keyword rankings across any search engine and location. At a glance, Rank Ranger shows keywords on an upward or downward trend by providing stable, unstable, improving, and declining metrics. You can also easily pick keyword cannibalization issues right from your dashboard. 

You can access all these data easily with their advanced 100% white-label reporting and extensive third-party integration systems.


  • Monitors keyword cannibalization
  • Compares ranking and clicks
  • Features third-party integrations
  • Offers customizable rank reports


  • No ranking changes custom alerts
  • No Share of Voice analysis


  • Lite – $79 monthly
  • Standard – $149 monthly
  • Pro – $699 monthly
  • Premium – $2700 monthly

Track Daily Updates with simplifies rank tracking without chaos. This tool provides real-time keyword ranking positions like you are on SERP with instant email alerts when ranking changes occur.

The Share of Voice feature gives a graphical picture of the search visibility of your keywords compared to your competitors. Most importantly, its automated email reporting system makes sharing all local and international ranking data with clients and team members easy.

Start your 14-day free trial to track unlimited sites and receive daily updates on your keyword rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions on Keyword Rank Tracking

Why is Daily Updating Important in Keyword Tracking?

Daily updates in keyword tracking allows you to respond to ranking changes quickly, adjust strategies in real time, and stay ahead in competitive SEO landscapes. It helps identify trends and understand the immediate impact of SEO actions.

How Can I Improve My Keyword Rankings?

Focus on creating high-quality, relevant content, optimizing website speed and user experience, building quality backlinks, and regularly updating your website based on keyword research and SEO best practices.

What Are the Factors that Influence Rank Positioning on SERPs?

Here are some factors that influence rank positioning on SERPs:

  • Keyword relevance: how well the content matches the search query.
  • Content quality: original, informative, and user-friendly content is favored.
  • User experience (UX): websites with a good user experience, including fast load times and mobile-friendliness, rank higher.
  • Backlinks: quality and quantity of backlinks from reputable sites.
  • Search intent: matching the content with the user’s intended purpose (informational, transactional, navigational).
  • On-page SEO: proper use of keywords, meta tags, headers, and structured data.
  • Technical SEO: aspects like site structure, sitemaps, and secure connections (HTTPS).
  • Regular updates: frequently updated content is often viewed as more relevant.

We explained these points explicitly in our blog post on the key SEO factors that do and don’t influence rank positioning on SERPs.

What Are the Features to Look Out for in a Rank Tracking Tool?

When choosing a rank-tracking tool, consider these key features:

  • Accuracy: reliable data is crucial for making informed decisions.
  • Frequency of updates: daily updates provide the most current ranking information.
  • Competitor analysis: ability to track and compare competitor rankings.
  • Keyword segmentation: organize keywords by categories, campaigns, or tags.
  • Local SEO and mobile tracking: track rankings on different devices and locations.
  • User-friendly interface: easy to navigate and understand, even for beginners.
  • Integration capabilities: ability to integrate with other tools like Google Analytics.
  • Reporting and alerts: customizable reports and alerts for significant changes.
  • Historical data: access to past data for trend analysis.
  • Support and resources: good customer support and learning resources for users.