We have clients in major markets where accuracy and localization is very important. With Keyword.com, localization is dead-on. That's a big thing.
Bernie Clark
Founder, Majux
Looking at your ranking clusters on aggregate and being able to see the big picture. I think that's incredibly valuable and I wouldn't want to live without Keyword.com because of that.
Steve Toth
SEO Consultant, SeoNotebook.com
What our clients really like is that it is easy for them to see our work on a monthly basis.
johan jonsson noor digital
Johan Jonsson
Noor Digital, Sweden
With Keyword.com you can see your SERP history. You can see your competitors — who’s on which positions. And you can analyze what they are doing. We can’t do this with Ahrefs.
Sander Jonkers
SEO Specialist, Juist
With Keyword.com, I just open a new tag, dump in my keywords, and it's done. It's so much faster and more nimble than any other tool.
Steve Toth
SEO Consultant, SeoNotebook.com
Share of Voice lets the client see that you're trending in the right direction for a set of keywords, and they actually start to understand the bigger picture in SEO.
Steve Toth
SEO Notebook
Tracking is the most important factor. If you have done something good and you cannot explain and show to your clients the results, then it's useless.
Mohit Parnami
Ribbun Software Private Limited
Keyword has always helped us improve our service to our clients and it has really helped us to grow as a company and that is one of the key factors why we can take so much market share in Sweden.
johan jonsson noor digital
Johan Jonsson
Noor Digital, Sweden
I can focus and I can spend the majority of my time, especially in the morning part on replying to emails.
Matteo Barletta
SEO Heroes Bangkok Co., Ltd
If somebody sent you a lead and BANG and after two or three hours they get an offer and you are first and so fast, you're probably gonna win this client.
Karol Kwiatkowski
We have worked with Keyword.com for 5 years, and in that time we have absolutely grown our SEO client portfolio significantly.
Steve Jandrell
Web Genius, New Zealand
I saved 25% of our time within 3 months of working with Keyword.com
Gavin Chiu
Encyclopedia Britannica

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