How Visual SEO Reports Helped Content Refined Grow Its Annual Revenue to $720k

Content Refined elevates its annual revenue to $720k by showcasing measurable SEO success to clients using's precise Visual SEO Reports.

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$720 000

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"Where do you get the most value from"

Listen to Jon Gillham, Co-founder at Content Refined, explain why the visual reporting features in have been invaluable in communicating SEO efforts and progress to clients

About Content Refined

Content Refined emerged as an end-to-end content marketing solution for businesses looking to improve their SEO performance. Despite his mechanical engineering background, Jon, founder of Content Refined, built a flourishing content marketing agency that crafts quality content and delivers measurable SEO results. is what really moved the needle from this sort of like 20k a month MRR range to the kind of 720 ARR range.

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Jon Gillham
Co-founder of Content Refined


Content Refined had trouble proving the value of their service to their clients. It needed a way to show how its SEO and content marketing efforts improved its clients' search engine rankings. 


However, they lacked the right tools to do this effectively. This made it difficult for the agency to stand out in a competitive market where clients needed evidence of success.

Solution helped Content Refined to highlight its results for clients effectively. Unlike other SEO tools, which were often inaccurate by over 50%, the agency rank tracker provided 100% accurate keyword monitoring data with daily ranking updates.

By implementing’s precise rank tracking capabilities, Content Refined could now offer clients clear, geo-focused, and accurate graphs showing the progress of keywords over time. This reinforced their commitment to delivering results and established a new level of trust and transparency with clients.


Content Refined unlocked new milestones with as its trusted partner. The agency went from a $20,000 MRR to $720,000 ARR in a little over 10 months. Much of this success was the result of upselling existing clients using’s transparent SEO reporting dashboard.  


The collaboration between Content Refined and proves the value of accurate SEO tracking and the importance of finding the right growth partners. They've set an example for SEO professionals everywhere, demonstrating that agencies can achieve exponential growth and establish themselves as leaders in the content marketing industry with the right tools and a commitment to transparency.