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This Swedish Digital Agency 10x Its Revenue with Rank Tracker API

Noor Digital Agency boosts client trust and multiplies revenue tenfold by integrating's rank tracker API for real-time SEO data visibility.

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Listen to Johan Jonsson, Co-founder of Noor Digital, explain how helped them achieve a 91% retention rate.

About Noor Digital

Noor Digital, a digital agency from Sweden, prides itself on simplifying marketing professionals' tasks with innovative digital solutions. Since its inception in 2015, Noor Digital has grown to a robust team of over 40 skilled creatives and technicians, driven by the desire to help companies explore digital possibilities and grow their online presence.

We used’s API to be completely transparent and provide real-time data to our clients. It worked really well.

Johan Jonsson
Head of Sales at Noor Digital


Before partnering with, Noor Digital lacked a robust platform to showcase its clients' ranking data effectively. To stand out in the Swedish digital agency industry, Noor Digital needed an accurate agency rank tracking tool that visualizes its impact on its clients’ SEO performance.

Solution’s rank tracker API solved this challenge. This powerful integration allowed Noor Digital to embed real-time, accurate ranking data directly into their client interfaces. 


What distinguished from competitors was its superior data accuracy, which trumped other platforms like Ahrefs, and its responsive customer service. The tool rapidly incorporated feedback from Noor Digital to enhance its overall user experience.

Results has been nothing short of transformational for Noor Digital. The agency has seen its revenue skyrocket from 1 million to 10 million Swedish krona within five years. More impressively, it has maintained a 91% client retention rate by providing clients with live and easy-to-understand SEO performance dashboards. 


Noor Digital's ability to demonstrate SEO results in an accessible manner has not only solidified existing relationships but has also facilitated the expansion of their services to clients, who often upgrade from initial packages to more comprehensive ones.


Collaboration with has positioned Noor Digital on a promising path to becoming Sweden's most service-oriented digital agency — with a projected growth to 50 million krona. 


Noor Digital’s case shows how the right SEO data, presented accurately and in real-time, can enhance client trust, streamline service offerings, and fuel exponential growth.