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How Accurate Rank Tracking Helped This SEO Agency To Streamline their Workflow and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

SEO Heroes streamlines workflows and boosts client retention by leveraging's precise rank tracking, increasing customer lifetime value and reinforcing its market reputation.

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Hear why Matteo Barletta, Founder of SEO Heroes Bangkok, loves the suggestion feature for quickly building keyword lists to audit clients' websites.

About SEO Heroes

Founded by Matteo in 2009, SEO Heroes is a Bangkok agency specializing in SEO, conversion rate optimization, PPC, and web design. It primarily caters to foreign and Thai companies that want to increase their brands’ search visibility. is helping us to retain clients. We can provide them with accurate tracking and initial benchmark of the rankings and how the campaign is progressing.

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Matteo Barletta
Founder of SEO Heroes Bangkok


Before partnering with, SEO Heroes relied on free rank trackers


These tools were error-prone and could not deliver the accuracy required for high-level SEO performance monitoring. Using them was time-consuming and inefficient, preventing the agency from delivering data-driven SEO results to its clients.


SEO Heroes desperately needed to ditch these error-ridden tools for advanced SEO software it could trust. It wasn't just about finding a new tool; it was about finding the right one.


SEO Heroes Bangkok's turning point came with the adoption of — a robust keyword tracking platform that transformed their ability to report on SEO performance. 


In Matteo’s words, “’s simplicity and user-friendly caught his attention first. But the tangible time-saving benefits and the platform's ability to deliver a quick, accurate snapshot of their clients' search positions made it indispensable.”


With, the team could ditch manual tracking for an automated, dependable system that provided immediate and accurate keyword ranking insights every morning.

Results made the agency’s SEO workflow more efficient. It freed up essential time for Matteo, allowing him to dedicate more attention to client correspondence and strategic planning. It also provided accurate SEO data for decision-making, especially for predicting campaign performance trends.


By offering clients up-to-date, precise tracking information, SEO Heroes Bangkok achieved an upswing in client retention and a reinforced reputation for excellence in a competitive market.


Embracing's accurate tracking capabilities has empowered SEO Heroes Bangkok to maintain and exceed its high service standards, proving that the right tools can make all the difference in scaling your agency's success.