How Helped Strategiczni Triple Its Revenue in 12 Months

Strategiczni, a Krakow-based SEO agency, triples revenue in one year by leveraging the real-time reporting and speed of for efficient client proposal preparation and strategic decision-making. logo


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Listen to Karol Kwiatkowski, Head of SEO at, explain how helped them to optimise the process of making offers to prospects.


Strategiczni is a B2B marketing and SEO Agency based in Krakow, Poland. Specializing in effective website positioning and comprehensive online marketing campaigns, Strategiczni stands out as a Google Partner, offering high-quality SEO, website management, and e-commerce consulting services. 


With a team of skilled specialists, the agency excels in delivering top-notch strategies that ensure clients achieve prominent positions on Google, enhance online visibility, and increase sales results.

We were able to make our client proposals four times faster with the use of your tool.

Karol Kwiatkowski photo
Karol Kwiatkowski
Head of SEO at Strategiczni


Strategiczni initially relied on local SEO tools for keyword tracking and monitoring. Unfortunately, these tools were plagued by proxy-related delays. They could not provide real-time SEO performance data — making it nearly impossible for the agency to drive key results for clients. 

Strategiczni knew that its current SEO toolkit was holding it back. It needed a better way to streamline its SEO process and deliver incredible results for its clients for more market share and revenue. Thus, the search began for a more accurate agency rank tracker.


After evaluating multiple solutions on the market, Strategiczni chose Several things informed this choice, especially's exceptional customer service and willingness to implement requested features. also offered rapid data refresh rates and a user-friendly interface, enabling the team to conduct up-to-date keyword research and draft precise client proposals.

Results helped Strategiczni unlock significant growth and improve client relations. It cut down the time spent preparing proposals, helping the agency quickly win new clients. 


Strategiczni increased client retention by nearly 400%. It also closed a major pharmaceutical brand as a client — thanks to the real-time ranking data included in’s SEO reports


More than winning and retaining clients, helped to streamline Strategiczni’s internal SEO processes. It empowered the team to make decisions on time backed by real-time data. 


As a result, Strategiczni solidified its market presence and fortified its internal capabilities, setting a new standard for SEO agencies' operational efficiency.