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Grab a link and share live reports with clients and decision makers. Give them access to the same graphs and charts you see — including Spyglass verification for an added layer of trust.


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Know where your most valuable traffic is coming from. Optimize your strategy to match how your visitors consume your content.

We have clients in major markets where accuracy and localization is very important. With Keyword.com, localization is dead-on. That's a big thing.

Bernie Clark

Bernie Clark

Founder, Majux


Local reports with verifiable accuracy

See what the real SERPs look like for your keywords on mobile or desktop, in your area or any location in the world. Remove discrepancies between team members and clients when viewing local results.


See your performance, street by street

Dominate the #1 position in Google’s local Snack Pack and local maps. Discover who’s competing for your local keywords and how to outrank them.

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Steve Toth

Steve Toth

Marty Marion

Marty Marion

Steven Kang

Steven Kang

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