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Local Rank Tracking: How Dental Departures Secured 80% of Inbound Traffic

Dental Departures dominates search rankings and secures 80% of inbound traffic by employing's local rank tracking, bolstering their global dental care network's visibility.

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Listen to Alex Christodoulou, Director of Organic Marketing & Content at Dental Departures, explain how helped them to grow their organic traffic.

About Dental Departures

Dental Departures is a pioneering platform dedicated to connecting individuals with top-tier dental care globally. With a curated network of accredited clinics, the company strives to make quality dental treatments accessible and affordable. Boasting transparent pricing, a commitment to patient satisfaction, and a seamless booking experience, Dental Departures is a trusted partner for dental health. solved all of the SEO tracking issues that we needed to solve.

Alex Christodoulou
SEO Manager at Dental Departures


Dental Departures understood the importance of being easily found on search engines to get more customers. However, it was having a hard time getting more people to visit the website. The company had many dental clinics to promote and wanted to attract people from different countries, but it didn't know how to manage and track its search engine rankings. 


At first, it relied heavily on ads and email marketing without realizing the potential of organic search. As the business grew, it needed a better solution to improve its search engine optimization and keep track of many keywords in different areas.


Dental Departures started using to track its online rankings. This enterprise SEO tool provided the company with detailed information on their rankings, including regional variations. The tool's data export feature allowed the Dental Departures team to analyze the data further and organize keywords by city, country, and rank position easily. 


Using also helped Dental Departures shift its marketing focus from paid to organic channels. This aligns with the company’s strategy to optimize its website for organic search results and reduce acquisition costs without compromising on traffic quality.

Results helped Dental Departures to execute and scale its online marketing strategy. Despite the general downtrend in traffic due to the pandemic in 2020, the company’s search rankings continued to improve. It relied on's daily tracker to monitor and improve its SEO efforts. 


Dental Departures achieved an impressive rate of keyword ranking success, consistently showing up for 80 to 90 percent of its targeted search terms in certain categories. Insights from using to help the company identify and target long and niche-specific search terms that weren't tied to specific locations. This helped Dental Departures to reach a wider audience and strengthen its position in the market." 


The success story of Dental Departures and highlights the importance of a customized SEO plan and advanced technological tools. It emphasizes how a well-planned organic search strategy, supported by rigorous keyword rank tracking, can strengthen a brand's global presence, even in a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape.