Keyword planning is easy.

At least that's what I first thought, when I acquired my first affiliate site in February 2018.

In my mind, all I had to do was write a few articles a month and my site would start ranking and climb up - I was never so wrong.

I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning, so you don't need to.

-Kevin Zhou

I learned how to double my organic traffic in half a year.

Done-for-you Keyword Planning

Powerful Algorithms

Keyword planning shouldn't be hard or time consuming.

1. Enter in your root keywords / niche

2. Select relevant keyword groups to write about

3. Receive perfectly planned out groups to send to your writers with SOPs to write about.

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How Traditional Keyword Research is Done

Hire an "SEO Guru"

Outsource and find an "SEO Guru" to help you do keyword research. The hiring process can be risky and as you spend hours and hours looking for someone. Everyone is suddenly an expert and a guru at SEO.

Spend money learning and hitting dead ends that simply don't work.

Keyword Research Tools

Go through thousands of keywords to try to find "long tails" or "easy" keywords to write about.

Don't know how to structure articles.

Don't know how many words to write per article.

Don't know how many keyword repetitions to include.

Hire virtual assistants to help with keyword planning costing money.

100% Coverage from Start to Finish

With you will be able to start perfecting your keyword research and start generating SEO traffic

1. Learn which keywords to target and hit for each article, so you do not waste resources writing huge articles on keywords with low returns

2. Learn how many words to write based on our algorithms (we will analyze your competitors)

3. Learn about the optimal keyword repetition for each article (we will tell you how many times you should insert a keyword)

4. Save money and time on labor, resources, and start today