Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch: Which SEO Tool Should You Choose?

It’s hard to discuss rank tracking without mentioning Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch. Both tools are pretty popular in the market and offer impressive features. Little wonder, it can be hard to choose which one might be a better choice for your business. 


In this article, we’ll cover these tools’ features and pricing so you can have all the information you need to make the right decision. 


TL;DR Summary of Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch

Not ready to read the entire piece? Here’s a quick look at what we will cover. 


  • Advanced Web Ranking’s top features are pixel rank tracking, GPS rank tracker, and SEO forecasting. Nightwatch’s top features are AI tracking, local rank tracking, and data segmentation. 


  • Advanced Web Ranking offers more features than Nightwatch.


  • Nightwatch has more flexible pricing plans than Advanced Web Ranking. But Advanced Web Ranking lets you track more keywords. 


  • Advanced Web Ranking can be challenging to use because it has many features. Nightwatch has a visually appealing dashboard that’s easy to set up and use. 


What is Advanced Web Ranking?


what is advanced web ranking?


Advanced Web Ranking is a comprehensive keyword monitoring tool for agency and enterprise businesses. It lets you track keyword performance on demand. You can also set up a recurring schedule for updating your web pages’ ranking data. 


Top Features

  • Pixel rank tracking: Get the exact snapshot of how you rank in the SERPs when various search features like search generative experience (SGE) and sponsored posts are included. You can quickly visualize the keywords you are ranking for above the fold and segment those that need improvement.


  • Multiple search engines: Track your keyword rankings across 4,000+ search engines, including Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex. 


  • GPS rank tracking: Enter the coordinates of the location you wish to track, and Advanced Web Ranking will show you how your web pages rank in that location. 


  • SEO forecasting: Estimate the potential return on investment in your SEO efforts. Advanced Web Ranking helps you quickly calculate how much you would spend on search engine ads to get the same amount of clicks for your keywords. This is a great way to show the value of SEO and win new business from clients.


What is Nightwatch? 


what is nightwatch?


Nightwatch is an AI-powered rank-tracking tool. It shows you real SERP snapshots of your keyword rankings for any location in the world. It also provides customizable keyword ranking reports that you can share with clients and stakeholders for transparency. 


Top Features 

  • AI tracking: Track whether your web pages are part of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLM) tools’ responses for relevant keywords. Discover the exact questions people ask in relation to your keywords to help you appear in these results. 


  • Local rank tracking: View your keyword performance in over 100,000 locations worldwide. You can narrow ranking data to specific countries and cities. 


  • White-label reports: Customize clients’ keyword performance reports to match your agency’s branding and style. This allows you to create beautiful yet professional SEO reports. 


  • Data segmentation: Segment your ranking data to help you discover insights and patterns quickly. You can segment keywords by intent or related web pages. 


Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch: Features

Both tools offer core rank-tracking capabilities. However, certain features are unique to each tool. 


Advanced Web Ranking Nightwatch
Free plan No No
Pixel tracking  Yes No
AI tracking  No Yes
SEO forecasting  Yes No
Import Google analytics and search console data Yes Yes
WYSIWYG SEO reporting  Yes No
API Yes Yes
Data segmentation No Yes
SERP feature tracking  Yes Yes
GPS rank tracking  Yes No
White-label reporting Yes Yes
Mobile rank tracking  Yes Yes
Free SEO tools Yes No
Share of voice Yes No


Our verdict: Both tools offer impressive features, but Advanced Web Ranking has a slight edge over Nightwatch. Specifically, it lets you track your keyword rankings on more than 4,000 search engines. Plus, it creates SEO revenue forecasts that make it easier to get buy-in from clients and other stakeholders. 


Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch: Pricing 

Nightwatch uses sliding scale pricing, while Advanced Web Ranking uses the standard tier pricing. Let’s examine each one in detail. 


Advanced Web Ranking Pricing Plans

Advanced Web Ranking has four paid plans: Pro, Agency, Enterprise, and Custom. 

The Pro Plan costs $89 per month (billed annually) for tracking 7,000 keywords. It supports features like mobile and local rank tracking, SERP feature tracking, and Share of Voice data. 

The Agency Plan costs $179 per month (billed annually) for tracking 14,500 keywords, while the Enterprise Plan costs $449 monthly for up to 35,500 keywords. The latter gives you access to Advanced Web Ranking’s API tool. 

The Custom Plan tracks up to 50,000 keywords for $630 per month. If you choose this plan, you’ll get a dedicated account manager, Enterprise Plan features, plus security audits. 


advanced web ranking pricing plans


Our verdict: Nightwatch wins. Its pricing is very flexible, so it works for businesses and agencies of all sizes.


Nightwatch Pricing Plans 

The minimum amount of keywords you can track is 250, which costs $250 (per month). But you won’t have access to advanced features like Nightwatch’s rank tracker API and Google Data Studio connector. 

You only get access to these features when you track up to 1,000 words per month, which costs $82 (billed annually). Nightwatch also has an Enterprise Plan for large-volume keyword tracking, but you need to contact them for a quote. 

It doesn’t offer any free plans, but the paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.


nightwatch pricing plans


At first look, Advanced Web Ranking seems like the better choice. Its $89 per month plan lets you track up to 7,000 keywords, while Nightwatch’s plan at a similar price only allows you to track 1,000 keywords. 

However, the $89 plan with Advanced Web Ranking doesn’t include some essential features like the Data Studio Connector, API access, and white label reports. You have to upgrade to a more expensive plan to get these features.

On the other hand, Nightwatch offers more features at a lower price. For $82 per month, you get access to Search Console, Google Data Studio, unlimited white-label reports, and more. 


Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch: User Experience 

It takes some time to understand how Advanced Web Ranking works. It has a lot of features, making the learning curve steep. 

Consider this user’s experience: “I have occasionally been confused about how to achieve a specific end result with the software. There are so many interactive screens and reports to choose from that a new user can sort of get lost trying to figure it all out.”

On the contrary, Nightwatch’s simplicity stands out for its customers. The dashboard is really easy to set up and customize per your SEO needs. As this user says,

“What I like the most about Nightwatch is the visual representation of rankings, especially overall average position and evolution for specific keywords. In a split second, I can see how well we perform for a certain time period. It is a user-friendly yet powerful tool that does the job.”

Our verdict: Nightwatch wins. The dashboard is easy to set up and understand. There’s no information overload as it has only a few features. Advanced Web Ranking’s numerous features, on the other hand, can overwhelm customers and make the tool hard to use. 


Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch: Which Rank Tracker Wins? 

Both tools pull their weights when it comes to keyword position monitoring. They have great features with flexible plans for different businesses. 

But taking everything into account — pricing, features, and user experience — Nightwatch comes out on top. Its visually appealing dashboard, flexible pricing plans for all businesses, and features make it stand out. 

Although it offers fewer features than Advanced Web Ranking, Nightwatch’s capabilities cover your core rank tracking needs. This makes it a great value for money. The Best Alternative to Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch

Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch are impressive SEO tools, but they may not be the right rank trackers for you. If you’re looking for an accurate keyword monitoring tool optimized for transparency, you should definitely check out 


Here’s why stands out from other rank trackers: 


  • Flexibility: You can track daily, weekly, or even lifetime keyword rankings across multiple locations. 


  • Live dashboards: Share the same SEO dashboard you see with your clients and stakeholders for improved transparency. 


  • Data segmentation: Segment keywords according to topic or intent for better insights. You can also track competitors across keyword segments to know who you’re really up against. 


Here’s how one of our customers describes their experience with our tool. 


“I have been using for about seven years now, and it is one of the best tools out there for checking current positions on Google and other search engines. Over the years, they have developed the tool to provide more than just a keyword ranking tool. I can see the history graph, check ranking in different locations/countries, backlinks, and more. I love how easy the layout is, how beautiful the reporting setup is, and how amazing the support is. I highly recommend this tool to anyone.”


Check out’s full list of features to learn more about our tool’s rank tracking capabilities plus other product offerings. 


Advanced Web Ranking vs Nightwatch FAQs 

Find answers to the common questions about Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch. 


1. What is the Best Alternative to Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch? is the best alternative to Advanced Web Ranking and Nightwatch. It offers features like on-demand ranking updates, white-label reports, and flexible pricing that matches your business needs. 


2. What is a Rank Tracker? 

A rank tracker is a tool used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for monitoring keyword rankings for specific web pages on search engine results. It tracks the changes in the website’s ranking and provides insights into how well the website performs in search engines compared to your competitors. An excellent example of a rank tracker is


3. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Rank Tracker? 

When choosing a rank tracker, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure that the tool provides accurate and up-to-date ranking data. Second, check if the tool offers keyword research and competitor analysis features. Finally, consider the user interface and ease of use of the tool.