Reasons Why Every SEO Consultant Should Use Share of Voice as a KPI

As an SEO consultant hired to improve a site’s ranking on search engine result pages, there should be consistent analysis of your SEO strategies and their impact on the site.

For example, do you know the organic traffic each keyword generates to the website? Do you know the brand’s real competitors? Most importantly, do you know the website’s ranking for specific keywords on SERPs compared to its competitors?

Answering these questions is a good metric (known as Share of Voice) for rating the success of an SEO strategy. Besides, with competition becoming fierce daily and brands investing immensely in SEO, ignoring a site’s Share of Voice (SoV) can be dangerous. Let’s discuss Share of Voice, calculating a brand’s SEO Share of Voice, and why SEO consultants should use Share of Voice as a KPI.

What is Share of Voice in SEO?

SEO Share of Voice is a metric that reveals a site’s ranking on search engine result pages for specific keywords. In addition, it is an analysis that shows the fraction of organic traffic in a niche that comes to a particular website. In general, it’s a measure of a site’s place in its market.

For example, suppose the organic traffic in a niche is 10,000,000 monthly website visits, and your site receives 100,000 visits from organic searches. In that case, your website’s organic traffic Share of Voice is 1%.


——————————    X   100 = 1%


Sites that rank high for relevant keywords in their niche have a high Share of Voice and generate the most increased organic traffic.

How to Calculate SEO Share of Voice

Every business wants to be at the forefront of its competitors. No one wants to lose organic traffic. This is why calculating SEO Share of Voice should be a priority for any SEO expert.

But how do you calculate SEO Share of Voice?

Number of times your site ranks for a keyword                           

———————————————————————————–        X         100

Number of times your competitors rank for that exact keyword

You can use a keyword tool to calculate both variables and perform the calculation. However, an SEO tool with a Share of Voice feature would be best for a stress-free and accurate result.

Let’s examine one tool trusted by many SEO experts in calculating Share of Voice.

How to Measure SoV on

Before diving into the details, let’s see what an SEO consultant says concerning SEO Share of Voice metrics.

“Looking at your ranking clusters on an aggregate and seeing the big picture. I think that’s incredibly valuable, and I wouldn’t want to live without because of that.” Steve Toth, SEO Consultant,

Calculating a site’s Share of Voice can be stressful and time-consuming. Imagine you have to manually check the position of your keywords and compare them to that of your competitors. Imagine you have to manually figure out the organic traffic generated by a keyword compared to your competitors.

I’m sure you will be exhausted halfway.

However, makes the job easy!

This tool features a rank-tracking API that performs accurate SEO rank tracking of a website and its competitors. automatically analyze your site’s Share of Voice and compares it with your competitors while you sit back and watch.

How do you go about this process?

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Enter your site link in the URL box. share of voice dashboard


  1. Add your keywords or upload a list of keywords you want to analyze.
  2. Give the tool some time to gather data about those keywords.
  3. The first page shows you how your keywords rank on SERPs. You have insights on the number of keywords ranking in the top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100.


zapier’s keyword rankings

6. The overview segment shows you the top ten websites on Google with the highest Share of Voice for your keywords. The time graph also shows you the progress of each domain over time. Interestingly, you can change the timeframe to 365 days for in-      depth analysis.

zapier’s share of voice on


  1. You can highlight one domain and compare its SOV with yours.


share of voice metrics


Let’s examine in detail the critical benefits of Share of Voice metrics:

Competitor Awareness

Knowing your real competitors in search engines will help you focus on sites to analyse when doing Competitor Gap Analysis. In addition, it enables you to figure out if your business competitors are similar to your SERPs competitors. Share of Voice metrics provides detailed data on your keyword competitors and new competitors that can appear as a threat in the future.

SERPs History

Understand how your competitors are ranking back in time and now. This analysis makes it easy to note sites investing more in SEO, analyze their keywords producing better results, and cite the general strategies they are implementing. provides access to your competitors’ rankings within a date range.

Intent Insight

You can easily tag keywords with the same search intent and analyze your ranking for those keywords.

Keyword Grouping

Share of Voice allows you to group relevant keywords and examine your ranking for specific topics or clusters.

It’s not enough to know how to perform a site’s SEO Share of Voice analysis; you must know how to implement the result to improve your SEO campaign.

Let’s discuss some actionable tips to maximize the SEO share of Voice metrics.



Tips for understanding different keyword metrics


How to Use SoV to Improve Campaigns

1. Content Analysis

Study the types of content your competitors are creating that are helping their ranking on search engine result pages.

Firstly, you need to study the format of their content.

Are they using more text, infographics, or videos? Are their content long-form or short-form?

Secondly, check the way they craft content for the sales funnel.

Are their content ToFU, MoFU, or BoFU?

Also, it would help if you studied their information architecture. How do they structure their products or services in their content?

Thirdly, you need to examine their topic cluster.

What are the topics they covered that are performing well on SERPs?

Do they go in-depth on similar topics you covered?

Are there topics they are ranking for that you have not added to your site?

Answers to these questions are like an upward thrust for skyrocketing a site’s relevance on search engines.

2. Link Building

Share of Voice provides details of sites you are linking to and that of your competitors.

Check if you are already linking to those sites.

What links do your competitors have that are not on your site?

Why Should You Use Share of Voice as KPI?

There should be a constant checklist that vets the performance of an SEO campaign. This practice will foster the implementation of corrections and change in strategy if needed.

It would be best for SEO Consultants to measure and track the performance of their SEO strategy over time.

Let’s examine a few benefits of using SEO Share of Voice as a KPI:

1. Track Keyword Rankings

Share of Voice metrics provides details of the positions of your keywords and that of your competitors on SERPs. Doing this will help you know your keyword rankings and strategies your competitors are implementing that could inspire your own.

2. Audience Insight

With Google’s increasing emphasis on satisfying searchers’ intent, you can’t joke with this ranking factor.

Share of Voice metrics provides insights into the content type and formats that resonate with your audience’s needs. Besides, it shows topics your audience finds more interesting.

3. Improves SEO Efforts

Data gathered from the Share of Voice metrics automatically improves your site’s SEO when appropriately implemented. Again, it provides insights into strategies you omit for more productive results.

Final Words

Now you know how to calculate a site’s Share of Voice and the benefits of these metrics.

But remember, there are several factors to consider for a well-detailed SEO Share of Voice metrics, such as the number of keywords, the number of domains to compare, how often you want to perform the Share of Voice analysis, the timeframe, and a lot more.

Interestingly, you can automate this process to get the best out of your SEO strategy. is a great tool that automatically calculates your site’s Share of Voice and that of your competitors with a detailed report. In addition, this tool features a rank-tracking API that tracks and monitors the position of your keywords on SERPs over time.

Sign up for a seven days free trial to have a glimpse.