How This Leading Thai Digital Agency Doubled Its Revenue With Bi-Hourly Keyword Updates

Digital Muscle doubles annual revenue to $1 million with advanced bi-hourly keyword updates from, fostering strong client relationships through transparency and results.

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"What tools were you using before"

Listen to Arthur Choi, Web Strategist at Digital Muscle, explain how switching to from their previous tools helped the agency boost their revenue 2x.

About Digital Muscle

Digital Muscle is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Australia and Thailand that offers SEO and website design services. 


It values client investments and focuses on building long-term partnerships with clients. Its outstanding SEO services propel businesses above competitors in search results. With clients’ return on investment at the heart of its approach, Digital Muscle prioritizes achieving substantial and measurable results.

As a result of using, I've been able to turn some of my own clients into close friends.

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Arthur Choi
Web Strategist at Digital Muscle


Digital Muscle's previous keyword tracking methods and tools were met with skepticism from clients due to inconsistent search ranking results. The lack of accurate, real-time data hindered their ability to report progress transparently, affecting client trust and satisfaction.


As an agency committed to delivering excellence, Digital Muscle knew that its growth depended on the results it delivered for clients and how these results were reported and validated. It needed an SEO tool that could do these things.


The transformation began when Digital Muscle integrated into its services. 

The platform offered a customized bi-hourly keyword rank refresh rate, keeping clients updated about their SEO standings more frequently than any other service it used before. This feature, alongside the platform's user-friendly interface and robust keyword reporting capabilities, allowed Digital Muscle to present its clients with a clear, up-to-date view of their rankings at any moment.'s spyglass feature also allowed clients to verify their keyword rankings independently — for added transparency.

Results helped Digital Muscle increase its revenue by more than 100% — from $480,000 to one million dollars — in one year. 


This growth was the result of upselling existing customers rather than customer acquisition. The detailed insights and the ability to articulate a strategic action plan for each keyword directly influenced existing clients' willingness to increase their SEO budget. 


In an industry where trust and results go hand-in-hand, Digital Muscle's success story with underscores the impact of advanced tracking features like bi-hourly refresh rates. It demonstrates that the right tools do not just track keywords; they build businesses and nurture lifelong partnerships.