How Enterprise Keyword Tracking Helped FazWaz Group Impress Investors and Secure $10+ Million Funding

FazWaz Group leverages Enterprise Keyword Tracking with to secure over $10 million in funding, impressing investors with real-time SEO insights and strategic market positioning.

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Listen to Michael Kenner, CEO at FazWaz Group, explain why he loved the simplicity of the platform as a non-SEO.

About FazWaz Group

FazWaz Group is a prominent property technology company and real estate marketplace based in Thailand. 


Founded in 2015, FazWaz was created out of a desire to create a new property standard in emerging markets in Southeast Asia and beyond. Through the FazWaz portal, users have access to a total of 200,000+ properties for sale and rent and can tailor their selection by price, location, map, and much more. is, by far, the best product on the market for tracking where you are and where you want to go and analyze the data, full stop.

Michael Kenner
CEO at FazWaz Group


FazWaz Group lacked the accurate SEO data required to keep up with changes in the real estate industry. While its enterprise rank tracker provided monthly reports, the data was limited. 


The need for real-time insights and data-driven decisions prompted FazWaz to seek a more effective solution to drive its growth in the competitive landscape.


After weighing several options on the market, FazWaz chose provided instant access to real-time ranking data, exceeding the limitations of traditional SEO reports


The platform's simplicity, accuracy, and on-demand access let FazWaz track rankings across multiple countries, make data-driven decisions, and gain a significant advantage in the dynamic real estate market.


The impact of on FazWaz Group was transformative. The platform became integral to the company’s daily operations, facilitating accurate rank tracking and informing crucial business decisions. FazWaz used for niche-specific keyword targeting, showcasing the rank tracker’s versatility. also helped the company to close a $10 million+ pre-Series A funding round. FazWaz utilized the platform's data to showcase its impressive SEO rankings and growth trends to investors. 


Beyond financial success, influenced FazWaz's internal culture by becoming a training tool for new staff. It helped new staff quickly ramp up their SEO skills and fit into the organization’s data-driven marketing culture.