How Helped Create Visibility For Unsold Product Lines revitalizes sales for previously unsold product lines by utilizing's rank tracking insights to enhance online visibility and search rankings.

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Listen to Matthew Menashe, Business Developer at, explain how the accuracy of's data has been crucial to their success.

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With a rich history spanning over a century, MRO Supply is a leading key player in the industrial parts sector. MRO Supply provides 24/7 online access to over a million unique products through its global network of 200+ suppliers and 100+ warehouse facilities. helped me bring product lines to life that I thought I couldn't sell before. And I realized a lot of times it was just a ranking issue.

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Matt Menashe
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MROsupply launched an e-commerce store to increase its brand awareness and acquire customers online. However, it soon discovered that many of its products were not traditionally bought or sold online. It needed to identify the right keywords to boost search rankings and improve its visibility to overcome this obstacle and acquire customers. 


Unfortunately, its original SEO toolkit and process could not provide these insights reliably. MROsupply needed a better way to identify weaknesses in its product catalog, discover competitors, and grasp the dynamics of online sales fluctuations. 

Solution helped MROsuppy solve its online visibility challenges. The company integrated Keyword’s rank tracker API into the existing SEO tech stack for daily keyword performance updates. 


The API helped the company to quickly identify keywords (and products) that were not performing as expected and implement strategies like link juice redistribution from the homepage to specific products to improve rankings.’s intuitive interface and fast performance set it apart from other rank tracking solutions. appreciated the ability to load keywords quickly, receive instant results, and archive data for future reference.


Equipped with valuable SEO insights from, successfully addressed the issues affecting underperforming product lines. 


The company made informed adjustments to its product pages, optimized its online presence, and measured the impact of these changes. It successfully turned underperforming product lines into key revenue drivers for the business.