How Primal Tripled SEO Revenue With Rank Monitoring Tool

Primal Digital Agency sees a remarkable revenue growth from $1 million to $3 million in just a year, thanks to accurate and efficient SEO rank monitoring with

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Listen to Mark McDowell, CEO of Primal Digital Agency, explain how helped them grow revenue 3x over 12 months.

About Primal

Primal is an award-winning strategic and ROI-driven digital agency based in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur that provides integrated digital marketing and SEO services. Since its founding in 2015, Primal Digital Agency has partnered with over 300 innovative companies to scale their revenue online while building sustainable long-term growth.

After using, we saw a big revenue jump over 12 months. In terms of SEO revenue, we went from about $1 million to about $3 million after one year.

Mark McDowell
CEO of Primal Digital Agency


Primal Digital Agency’s diverse SEO toolkit did not provide accurate and reliable data about clients’ keyword rankings. The SEO reports were layered with inconsistencies, affecting the quality of insights Primal Digital delivered to its clients. 


The agency knew it needed a better tool to deliver value to clients, strengthen existing relationships, and generate more revenue.


The turning point was when Primal Digital adopted as its agency rank tracker. This advanced keyword monitoring tool saved time and offered a wide range of features that addressed the agency’s challenges. seamlessly fit into Primal Digital’s workflow and simplified Keyword tracking and reporting. It eliminated the need for manual tracking or relying on unreliable tools, ensuring consistency and credibility in their reporting.


One feature that really stood out for the agency was Spyglass. Spyglass showcases HTML snapshots of SERPs with local accuracy, just like the real Google interface. This unique functionality allows clients to verify their keyword rankings' across multiple locations without using third-party software like VPNs.


After integrating into its SEO operations, Primal Digital Agency achieved significant workflow improvements and strengthened client relationships. Clients appreciated the ability to monitor their search engine positions easily — without the added complexities of manual tools.  


As a result, its SEO revenue grew from $1 million to an impressive $3 million in 12 months.