SarkarSEO generated more than $10 million in revenue with the help of’s accurate rank tracker

SarkarSEO dramatically increases revenue to over $10 million by leveraging's accurate and user-friendly rank tracking software.

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SarkarSEO is a marketing agency that provides 360-degree SEO premium services. Founded in 2010, SarkarSEO aims to empower online businesses to reach their full potential by achieving higher search engine ranks and generating maximum ROI through effective marketing solutions tailored to each business.’s interface is amazing. Support is amazing. Easy to understand and the correct ranking report.

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Mohit Parnami
Founder of SarkarSEO


The agency's reliance on an assortment of inaccurate and inefficient rank tracking tools led to a scattered and inefficient workflow, with the potential for unreliable data undermining their credibility. Accurate and consistent keyword tracking was critical to offering their clients transparent real-time insights — a solution that could streamline their process and solidify client trust was needed.


When SarkarSEO started using, it completely transformed the way the agency worked. The software's advanced features were exactly what it needed to monitor keyword rankings and outperform competitors on search engine result pages. Plus, the software was extremely user-friendly, making the process even smoother.


On top of that,’s intuitive interface and functionalities allowed SarkarSEO to monitor its clients' keyword standings effortlessly. The integration of this tool into the agency’s daily operations freed up valuable time for the team to concentrate on strategic planning and enhanced client engagement.

It also ditched manual SEO checks for’s white-label reporting dashboard — providing clients with on-demand ranking data automatically.

Results generated immediate and impressive results for SarkarSEO. The agency's revenue leaped from $10 million to $20 million. Its clients now enjoy high-quality services powered by transparent and accurate ranking data.