How To Find Keywords That Forums and General Websites Rank for

Forums and general websites are a great way to see how Google prioritizes certain domains and keywords. For example, If Google ranks a Quora or Wikipedia page high in the SERPs it’s a sign of a competitive keyword opportunity or a quick win. 

Google rarely ranks these websites in the top ten results unless there’s no better content targeting a particular keyword. So, if you can create a targeted page with authoritative content, you have a good chance of snagging the top spot for the keyword in the search results. allows you to view Share of Voice data for search queries. 

In this feature, you can see the top websites ranking for that keyword. If the SERP is dominated by Quora and Wikipedia results, it’s a good opportunity to explore. 

While their marketing tactics and rules are different, they’re both used to gather insights into industry conversations and discover emerging topics before they become mainstream. The idea of monitoring these platforms is to create content around these topics before competitors and earn a first-mover advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • Sign up with to get access to the Share of Voice (SoV) feature. 
  • Monitor frequently used keywords from forums. If you see these keywords appear in SERPs, it’s Google’s way of suggesting them — a good opportunity to explore.