What is search intent in SEO and Content Marketing?

In short, Search Intent indicated the intention the user had when typing in a search query into search engines. You can identify what search intent search engines associate with specific search queries by typing in the search query into the search engine and evaluating the top 10 search results. Identify the types listed below. Alternatively, you can use a keyword research tool to indicate search intent in bulk for a large set of keywords.


What are the different types of Search Intent that you get in SEO?


Commercial Search Intent

A search query with commercial intent refers to a search term where the user is most likely to convert and become a customer. Search terms indicating Commercial Search Intent usually include product comparisons, free offers, discounts, etc., as users in this funnel are ready to take action.


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Types of search results that you’ll see are commercial landing pages and product pages.


Informational Search Intent or Query

This relates to search queries which enable users to learn more about something. Typically the user wants more information on the topic. Types of search results you will see are videos, guides and blog posts.


Transactional Search Intent or Query

A query that is related to a specific transaction. These queries often contain words such as “buy,” “order,” “price,” “download,” etc., that indicate that the user is looking to complete a transaction. SEO professionals should optimize for transactional queries to increase conversions and sales. Types of search results that you’ll see are eCommerce pages, sign-up pages and Google Shopping results.


Navigational Search or Query

A query that’s used to navigate a database or website. It involves the use of logical operators, such as AND, OR, NOT, and wildcards, to search for specific information within a database. The query may also involve the use of keywords, phrases, and other search criteria to narrow down the results.


Local Search Intent or Query

A search query containing a location in the phrase.