SE Ranking vs. AccuRanker: Which One Should You Choose?

You’re shopping for a new rank tracker, and you’ve just come across two of the most popular options on the market: AccuRanker and SE Ranking. But you’re not sure how these tools compare to each other and which one to choose for your agency. 


Luckily, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you all you need to know about SE Ranking vs AccuRanker, including their features and pricing plans, to help you make the right decision. We’ll also introduce you to, the most accurate rank tracker alternative to SE Ranking and AccuRanker. 


What is SE Ranking? 


SE ranking is an all-in-one SEO software primarily for agencies. It offers a range of functions that support the entire SEO lifecycle — from keyword research to on-page SEO analysis and backlink tracking. In this article, however, we’ll focus on its rank tracking capabilities.


With SE Ranking, agencies can monitor their clients’ website’s performance across multiple search engines, track changes in rankings, and get valuable insights to optimize their SEO strategies.


Top Features 

Here’s a snapshot of SE Ranking’s rank tracking dashboard. 


se ranking top features for comparison



  • Daily ranking updates: Track the daily changes in search engine results pages (SERPs) positions for your important keywords and quickly identify any fluctuations.


  • Easy-to-read, automatic ranking reports: Generate customized client-facing reports so your clients can see their SEO performance in real-time. You can share these reports as PDF documents or via guest links. 


  • Local rank tracking: You can track your site’s positions in the SERPs for all your target keywords in up to 100 locations without a VPN.  


  • Traffic forecasting: See the amount of traffic a keyword can potentially drive to your website. This will help you predict the ROI of SEO efforts and adjust your strategy accordingly. 


  • SERP features tracking: SE Ranking also shows if your web page appears in SERP features like People Also Ask and Featured Snippet for a particular keyword. 


What is AccuRanker? 


AccuRanker is a powerful keyword rank tracking tool used by digital marketers and SEO professionals to monitor and analyze the performance of their websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). It provides real-time data on keyword rankings across various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


With AccuRanker, users can track the rankings of specific keywords over time, monitor competitor rankings, analyze keyword performance in different locations, and generate comprehensive reports to measure SEO progress. 


Top Features 

Here’s a snapshot of AccuRanker’s rank tracking dashboard.


accuranker top features for comparison


  • On-demand ranking updates: Refresh your rank tracking dashboard whenever you want to get the latest SERPs for your keywords. 


  • SERP history: See historical search result pages for your keywords to determine which ranking strategies worked best. 


  • In-depth analysis: You can segment and filter ranking data to analyze better and understand keyword groups. 


  • Integrations: AccuRanker integrates with many third-party tools like Google Looker Studio and Databox, allowing you to create a more robust SEO tracking setup. 


  • Share of voice data: See what percentage of visibility your web pages have in SERPs for a particular set of keywords.


SE Ranking vs. AccuRanker: Rank Tracking Features 


Now that you have an overview of these SEO tools, let’s see how their features compare. 



SE Ranking

Ranking refresh rate On-demand and daily Daily only
Keyword grouping and tagging  Yes Yes
Share of voice data Yes No
SERP features Yes Yes
Looker Studio integration Yes (for all plans) Only available on the Pro and Business plans
Traffic forecasting No Yes
Automated SEO reports Yes Yes
Local rank tracking Yes Yes
Unlimited domains Available on all plans  Only available on the Pro and Business plans
Keyword tracking limit Up to 1 million keywords per month Up to 15,000 keywords per day
Rank tracker API Yes Yes


Our verdict: AccuRanker wins. While both tools offer similar features, AccuRanker allows you to track more keywords per month. It also provides Share of Voice data and more third-party integrations for building a more extensive SEO toolkit. 


SE Ranking vs. AccuRanker: Pricing  


AccuRanker charges sliding scale fees, while SE ranking offers tiered pricing. Let’s examine these pricing structures in detail. 


SE Ranking Pricing Plans 

SE Ranking offers three paid pricing tiers starting at $44 per month (billed annually). The cheapest plan (Essential) only allows one user to track 10 projects, so it works best for freelancers or niche site owners with a few SEO projects. As an agency, you’ll likely need to upgrade to the Pro or Business plans to track more keywords for more clients. 


Something to note is that you can purchase add-ons for each plan. On the Essential Plan, for example, you can buy extra user seats to add more people to your account. The Pro and Business plans let you purchase the Agency Pack add-on, which gives you access to the lead generator and white-label reporting. 


SE Ranking doesn’t have any free plans, but it offers free trials. 


se ranking doesn’t have any free plans, but it offers free trials


AccuRanker Pricing Plans

AccuRanker charges you based on the number of keywords tracked per month. This means you only pay for what you need. The higher the number of keywords, the more you pay. 


The minimum number of keywords you can track is 1,000, which costs $116 per month (billed annually). And the maximum is a million keywords but you’ll need to contact them for a pricing quote. You get access to all AccuRanker features regardless of how many keywords you track. 


You can try AccuRanker for free for two weeks. If you’re not ready to make a financial commitment, use the free rank tracker to check your website’s SERP position in different locations. 


accuranker pricing plans compared to se ranking


Our verdict: AccuRanker wins. It offers more pricing flexibility, which suits the churn volatility of the agency world. You get access to all features no matter how much you’re tracking. You can also scale up or down per your clients’ needs. And you’re not locked into an expensive rank tracking contract if numerous clients churn. 


SE Ranking vs. AccuRanker: User Experience 


SE Ranking has a slight edge over AccuRanker in terms of usability. It has an intuitive, visually appealing dashboard that’s really easy to use. Also, setting the system up is easy. You’ll be up and running in no time. 


Here’s how this user describes their experience with SE Ranking’s agency rank tracker. 


“The dashboard is so super intuitive and user-friendly that you will become the SE Ranking master quickly. However, you always have the SE Ranking excellent support team in case you need help.”


AccuRanker’s dashboard isn’t as intuitive as SE Ranking’s, so it can take some time to understand how it works. 


Our verdict: SE Ranking wins due to its simple but effective rank tracking dashboard. 


Overall, Which SEO Rank Tracker Wins? 


After weighing both tools side by side, AccuRanker comes out on top. AccuRanker stands out because of its flexible pricing and extensive features, especially the ability to track up to a million keywords. This makes it appealing to different types of agencies — from boutique ones to large SEO agencies servicing enterprise clients The Most Accurate Alternative to SE Ranking and AccuRanker 


AccuRanker and SE Ranking are great tools worth exploring. But if you’re looking for an agency rank tracker that offers more accurate rank-tracking data, you should definitely check out 


Here are some reasons why stands out for agencies: 


  • 99.9% SERP data accuracy: You can narrow local SERP results to a specific city to see how you rank compared to competing businesses in your location. 


  • Google SERPs simulation: Forget PDFs and links. Show clients HTML snapshots of the actual search results, showing how they rank for important keywords. 


  • Customizable rank tracking plans: Tell us how many keywords you want to track, and we’ll create the best value plan for your agency. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how one of our customers describes their experience with our rank tracker. 


“The best thing about is its accuracy in ranking. Previously, we checked rankings manually or with some other tools like Ahrefs. But’s ranking data is much more accurate and adds an extra layer to our client reporting. It’s easy to use, and we can connect it to our other tools via its API integration.”


Try for free, and let us know what you think. 


SE Ranking vs. AccuRanker FAQs


Find answers to common questions about SE Ranking and AccuRanker. 


1. What is the Best Rank Tracker alternative to SE Ranking and AccuRanker? is the best alternative to SE Ranking and AccuRanker. It offers features like daily ranking updates, local rank tracking, and a robust API. 


2. Do SE Ranking and AccuRanker Offer Any Integrations With Other SEO Tools?

Yes, both SE Ranking and AccuRanker offer integrations with other SEO tools. AccuRanker integrates with tools like Google Looker Studio and Databox, while SE Ranking offers integrations with tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These integrations can help you build a more comprehensive SEO toolkit and streamline your workflow.


3. What is an Agency Rank Tracker? 

An agency rank tracker is a tool that helps agencies monitor the search engine ranking positions (SERP) of their clients’ websites. It allows agencies to track the performance of their client’s websites for specific keywords over time and identify any changes in their search engine rankings.