SerpBook Rebranding to

It’s been an amazing 9 years so far running and we have learned and grew so much. I am very excited today to announce that we will be moving over to our new brand shortly, at

The update will be synced nicely with the release of our new BETA Dashboard launch and allow us to grow and allow us to add more to the product to benefit our users.


What’s changed in on SerpBook’s team?

We are the same team, same management, nothing has changed.

How will my account data be affected?

Your account will remain the same, unaffected. None of your account data will be touched and you can log in using the same credentials as before. Your team members will not be affected.

How about the SerpBook legacy API?

We will not touch this endpoint, so there will not be any breaking changes. Once we roll out our new API endpoints, we will announce this, and give time for our users to update their applications without causing any fires or breaking anything.

How will this affect my user experience?

We will simply redirect and migrate our domain over – all workflow will be the same. You’ll still be able to use the dashboards and view your reports as you normally do.

What will happen to my ViewKey / share links?

We will 301 redirect your ViewKeys over to the new BETA. No functionality will be lost. Any whitelabel ViewKey links will be properly synced before we make the switch over.

Have any other questions?

Please hit the chat icon on the bottom right corner and reach out!