How Tracking Keyword Rankings Helped This Marketing Agency Achieve 30% YoY Growth

Discover how Bootcamp Media, a dynamic marketing agency from the UK, leveraged's accurate rank tracking to enhance their data reporting, secure client confidence, and drive a 30% year-on-year growth since 2012.

How Tracking Keyword Rankings Helped This Marketing Agency Achieve 30% YoY Growth


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Listen to what Jamil Shabir, CEO of Bootcamp Media, has to say about his experience with the platform and how it has benefited his business.

About Bootcamp Media

Bootcamp Media is a fresh-thinking internet marketing and web design agency from Birmingham, United Kingdom. With over 30 years of combined experience in the creative and marketing industry, Bootcamp Media delivers exceptional marketing and SEO services to help businesses dominate organic search results.

We’ve got services, and they’ve got their own SERP trackers as well, and we have used those. But we have always leaned back towards every single time, we just find that it’s more reliable.

Jamil Shabir
CEO at Bootcamp Media


Bootcamp Media needed to improve its data reporting capabilities to win new clients and retain existing ones. Its current reporting system was frustrating for clients who relied on real-time data to make informed decisions. 


It needed an SEO rank tracker that provides clients with real-time and accurate keyword ranking data — and reflects the true value of its SEO efforts. 


After evaluating many keyword monitoring tools on the market, Bootcamp Media chose The platform's precise rank tracking and robust data insights allowed the agency to pinpoint individual keyword phrase growth and show clients the opportunities seized. 


Jamil appreciated that offered more than just analytics; it provided a tangible experience for clients to visualize their progress and feel assured about their investment in SEO.


Speaking of the benefits of using, Jamil said, “ has helped us show clients the growth in their money keywords. Obviously, using Google Analytics is one way of showing growth, but’s reports highlight the real value of our SEO achievements for clients.”


Embracing proved to be a great decision for Bootcamp Media. simplified the agency’s data reporting system, allowing clients to track their SEO performance on the go. With access to more accurate SEO ranking data, Bootcamp Media rapidly implemented strategies to increase traffic and revenue for its clients.  


All of this culminated in a 30% year-on-year agency growth since 2012. “If I look at the kind of leads I've come through over the years, I could definitely tell you, our growth has been in excess of 30% every single year, year on year”, says Jamil. 


More importantly, the agency achieved peace of mind, knowing the team had the right SEO tool to drive results confidently.