This SEO Agency’s Secret Weapon: How They Increased Close Rate by 25%

DiamondLinks boosts their close rate by 25% with's White Label ViewKey feature, providing prospects personalized, live SEO dashboards and solidifying trust.

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Listen to Brandon Hopkins, CEO of DiamondLinks, explain how ViewKey links helped boost his agency's close rate by 25%.

About DiamondLinks

DiamondLinks is an SEO and reputation management agency specializing in online presence enhancement. It offers expert services in SEO reputation management for a wide range of industries ranging from SaaS to healthcare. 


Its strategic approach aids businesses and individuals in effectively managing their online image. The agency particularly excels in promoting positive brand perception while tackling negative reviews.

Our close rate is probably 25% higher when we use the White Label Viewkey links.

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Brandon Hopkins
CEO of DiamondLinks


The primary challenge was finding a reliable, easy-to-use platform that allowed the agency to track SEO rankings effectively and efficiently for clients.


DiamondLinks struggled with tracking thousands of keywords across various projects. It relied on web-based solutions and multiple third-party software for rank tracking. However, this system was time-consuming and prone to errors. The process was broken, and something had to change fast.

Solution was a game-changer for DiamondLinks in terms of user experience and performance. 


The tool was easy to use and didn’t require significant updates and maintenance. Its user-friendly interface enabled the agency to monitor thousands of keywords in a few clicks — and scale tracking capabilities. 

DiamondLinks specifically enjoyed using's white-label ViewKey feature for lead nurturing. It used this feature to create personalized SEO performance dashboards for prospective clients quickly.

Results's white label ViewKey feature helped increase DiamondLink’s deal closing rate by a whopping 25%


Its approach was to insert prospects' names and negative keywords into, generate a live ViewKey link, and share this personalized, real-time tracking with prospects — even if they were not ready to buy.


If the client’s SEO performance does not improve, the agency will set up a follow-up conversation with them — usually at the three or six-month mark. It will prove the decline using the dashboard’s real-time data and pitch DiamondLinks as the better alternative. 


The DiamondLinks case is a great example of how using a reliable and strategic rank tracking tool like can have a significant impact on a business's success. By providing valuable insights and building trust with potential clients, has become an integral part of DiamondLinks' ongoing growth and prosperity.