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Enterprise Rank Tracking: How Encyclopedia Britannica Executed SEO Strategy 25% Faster with Keyword.com

Encyclopedia Britannica revolutionized its SEO strategy by adopting Keyword.com's rank tracker, expanding its keyword monitoring capability 20-fold to enhance its revered digital library's online visibility and search performance.

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Listen to Gavin Chiu, Vice President, SEO and Business Intelligence at Encyclopedia Britannica, who recommends Keyword.com because of its simplicity and accuracy.

About Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica is a highly esteemed English-language general knowledge encyclopedia, first published in 1768. Its long-standing reputation for quality and accuracy has made it a trusted source of information across the globe. It shifted from print to digital format in 2012, marking a significant transformation in its over 250-year history. 


With a wide array of topics, Encyclopedia Britannica continues to be a comprehensive resource for learners of all ages. Today, it combines the wisdom of experts with the advancements in technology to provide reliable, fact-checked information to the world.

We were able to expand the number of keywords, and now, instead of 500 keywords, we’ve opted for 10,000 now.

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Gavin Chiu
Vice President SEO at Encyclopedia Britannica


Encyclopedia Britannica needed to track the SEO performance of its extensive digital library. But, its keyword monitoring tool could only track 500 keywords at a time. It needed a tool to track thousands of keywords at scale to understand clearly where they stood in the search rankings.


Keyword.com’s enterprise rank tracker was a game-changing tool for Encyclopedia Britannica. 


With it, the company scaled keyword tracking from 500 to over 10,000 keywords. Keyword.com's user-friendly dashboard and quick reporting meant the organization could promptly make sense of its data and make real-time data-driven decisions for allocating resources and refining its SEO tactics.


Keyword.com transformed Encyclopedia Britannica's approach to SEO. With a newfound understanding of its keyword performance, it could update underperforming content and optimize its search performance. It was no longer guessing about its rankings but making informed adjustments that had a real impact on its online presence.