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SEO Agency Grows Recurring Revenue by over $1 Million in 12 Months with’s Rank Tracker

Hozio, a NY-based SEO powerhouse, scales its client base and grows its recurring revenue by over $1 million in just 12 months, thanks to the efficiency and scalability of's rank tracking capabilities.

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+1 million dollars

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"What results did you achieve with"

Listen to Matt Ross, Director of Operations at Hozio, explain how helped the agency increased customer retention 2 to 3x longer.

About Hozio

Hozio is a digital marketing agency from Long Island, NY. It specializes in Search Engine Optimization, improving Google My Business profiles, and managing Google PPC advertising. Since the agency started in 2009, Hozio has focused on boosting its clients' online visibility. It boasts an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars review score, showcasing its consistent top-quality service. has made the operation more scalable. We're no longer restricted to five clients or ten clients. We can effectively handle upwards of 10,000 or 20,000 clients.

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Matt Ross
Director of Operations at Hozio. 


Hozio initially used an in-house tool for tracking its clients’ SEO performance. However, as the company's client base expanded, the in-house tool became inadequate— characterized by slow processing speed, limited client and keyword capacity, and inconsistent accuracy. 


Hozio was stuck in a manual data handling and corrections cycle, preventing it from providing detailed location-specific analytics to its clients. It urgently needed a reliable and efficient keyword tracking tool to enhance its operational effectiveness and client satisfaction.


Hozio's partnership with delivered a powerful yet user-friendly platform that resolved their primary tracking issues. 


The detailed, white-labeled reporting provided by eliminated the need for manual report generation and allowed clients to view their metrics in real-time, building trust and transparency in the client-provider relationship. 


With accurate, zip-code level data tracking, Hozio could now offer in-depth analysis and insights about clients’ SEO performance. More importantly,'s scalability allowed the digital marketing firm to easily track multiple keywords for an increasing number of clients without sacrificing performance or accuracy.


Hozio experienced a remarkable increase in client retention. Its enhanced service offering led to a more satisfied client base and an expansion of the agency's operations. The agency has grown its team and office space, all while reducing advertising spend and increasing profitability. solved Hozio's immediate tracking challenges and supported its ongoing growth and success in the digital marketing sector.