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How This Top SEO Agency Streamlined SEO Reporting With Rank Tracker API

Web Genius revolutionizes SEO reporting for over 1,000 businesses with's user-friendly rank tracker API, providing instant and accurate performance data.

How Webgenius Streamlined SEO Reporting With Rank Tracker API


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Listen to Steven Jandrell, CEO at Web Genius, explain how helped them to streamline their reporting and grow their agency.

About Web Genius

Web Genius is a professional web design and web marketing company based in New Zealand. Since 2001, Web Genius has provided website design services for businesses across New Zealand with a range of web design packages aimed at maximizing businesses’  visibility on Google and generating more traffic to their websites.’s API for our reporting was just really a piece of cake to use.

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Steven Jandrell
CEO of Web Genius


As its client base grew to over 1,000 businesses, Web Genius needed to deliver clear and measurable SEO results at scale.

Initially, it used a manual keyword tracking process that required the entire team's effort. This method was unsustainable, error-prone, and not efficient enough to keep pace with the demands of a growing clientele seeking quick, transparent results from their SEO investments.

Solution changed how Web Genius approached SEO analytics and reporting. The platform allowed the agency to access and share insightful data instantly. 


The rank tracker API integrated seamlessly with the agency’s reporting system, allowing it to customize and automate reporting to meet its unique business needs without spending too much time or resources. also transformed Web Genius’s SEO reporting. It provided detailed performance breakdowns by individual keywords and the ability to track a campaign's success over time. 

Results helped Web Genius grow its client base. The agency attributes a portion of its success to the SEO tool’s enhanced client reporting, real-time performance data, and user-friendly interface.


Web Genius’s ability to offer immediate, accurate SEO data has helped it earn and retain a competitive edge in New Zealand’s SEO industry. With, Web Genius now boasts a robust system that supports its commitment to client success and reflects the agency's forward-thinking approach to digital marketing.