This SEO Agency Increased Client Acquisition by 30% With Instant SEO Reports

WhitelinksSEO boosts client acquisition by 30% with the help of's instant, transparent SEO reporting tools, enhancing both efficiency and client trust.

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Listen to Mohit Jain, Founder of WhitelinksSEO, explain how enabled transparent reporting to his agency's clients, building trust and demonstrating the impact of their SEO efforts.

About WhitelinksSEO

Led by Mohit, WhitelinksSEO is an experienced SEO agency that has been navigating the complexities of search engine optimization for over a decade. 


With a client list that spans Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada, running efficient and accurate SEO reporting was not just an operational goal for White Links — it was imperative for sustained success.

There's a definite 30% increase in business or client acquisition just by using reports from

Mohit Jain
Head of WhitelinksSEO


Before discovering, WhitelinksSEO relied on free tools that required manual and time-consuming keyword inputs. 


The agency faced difficulties in demonstrating the real effectiveness of its SEO efforts to clients due to the delay in data display and the complex process of generating reports. This inefficiency was a bottleneck that stifled growth and client satisfaction.


Everything changed when Whitelinks added to its SEO toolkit.’s rank tracking and simple reporting features saved Mohit's team invaluable time and streamlined their client communication process. The daily updates and easy export options provided by helped the agency report transparently on its clients' ranking progress.


Since integrating into its operations, WhitelinksSEO has reaped remarkable benefits. 


The agency increased business by about 30% in six to eight months. The ability to present existing clients with instant reports reflecting real-time improvement and prospective clients with proven success stories has been pivotal in client acquisition and retention.


Whitelinks SEO's approach to prospective clients also improved. Instead of relying on theory, it can show off the actual results of real clients using white-label reports. For instance, this approach helped it land a new dental client in the UK. hasn't just been a tool for WhitelinksSEO; it's been a catalyst for growth and a testament to the agency's commitment to delivering high-quality SEO services.