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Use our API to scale and pull SERP data for your projects, we are powering the largest businesses and enterprises out there.

One thing I have always loved about is the amazingly fast on-demand updates and accuracy.
Neil Patel
Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics

Integrate Powerful Data in Your Internal Agency Dashboard

Whether you are building a custom agency dashboard for your team or just want to create good looking analytical reports for your clients, you can use our rank tracking API to pull all your account data. API allows you to access our accurate keyword ranking data to build your own internal tools.

Unlike other keyword ranking API providers that limit monthly requests, our rank tracker API has no limit on the number of times you can pull data from your account using the API. So practically, there are endless possibilities for you to get creative with your keyword rankings data.

Rank Tracker API Gives You Full Access

Your data belongs to you. You're always able to export your account data or pull SERP data you are tracking from our API.

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Gather 100% raw HTML SERPs from our API, with a 30-day historical lookback.

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Full Account Data Exports

Full account exports at the tip of your fingers. No waiting needed - we can stream this data to you instantly.

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Historical Data Export

Look back in time and export raw CSV data, or pull this from our API. Run your own pivot tables and analysis on this data as needed.

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Turn Keyword Rankings Data into Actionable Insights

Turn your Google keyword ranking data into actionable insights using our developer API. Our rank tracking API allows you to retrieve the last 30 days historical ranking data which can come handy to create interactive charts for your clients, demonstrating growth of their online presence. Not only this, but you can also use the API to add/remove keywords right from your own custom dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of volumes can you support?

We can scale up to support any volume you need, whether that's hundreds of thousands or millions of keywords. Just contact us.

Do you have any rate limits?

We don't have any hard rate limits on API requests when it comes to pulling account data. If you would be adding and deleting massive amounts of keywords, please contact us.

How do I export all of my data?

We never hold any of your data hostage. Our API console allows you to export all of your account data and history with one click.

What do I need to get started?

In order to get API access to pull Google keyword ranking data from your account, you need to have an active subscription. After you buy one of our plans, you can go to the API dashboard to view your API keys.