Best Local Rank Trackers with White-Label Reporting

Local SEO agencies encounter several challenges when looking for rank-tracking tools with white-label reporting capabilities.

At the core, they need a local rank tracker that is: 

  • Accurate, 
  • Customizable 
  • Cost-efficient and scalable


But most importantly, they need one that automates and allows white-label reporting, streamlines their workflow, and saves them valuable time.

Chances are, you’re looking for the best rank tracker to solve this challenge for your local SEO agency. 

Here’s what to expect from this article: 

We’ll dive into five of the best local SEO rank trackers offering white-label reporting capabilities to consider.  You’ll also learn why they’re great for rank tracking and white-label reporting, as well as why they made our list. But first, let’s cover the essential features to prioritize when vetting white-label rank trackers as an agency.


What to Look for in a White-Label Local Rank Tracker


Transparent Unified Dashboard

A white-label rank tracker should have a unified dashboard that gives your clients live access anytime. This is helpful during data presentations and allows you to gain trust and prove your results are authentic.


Customizable Reporting

You can’t run a scalable and profitable white-label local SEO agency without branded SEO reports. 

Go for a local online rank tracker with a white-label dashboard and PDF reporting capabilities. It should allow you to create branded SEO reports incorporating your agency’s colors, logo, and visual elements. The tool should also offer data visualization through customizable charts, graphs, and dashboards to gain deeper insights. 


Advanced Reporting Features

Customizable reports aside, the best local rank trackers with white-label reporting make it easier to manage your client’s expectations. For example, some offer automated report scheduling, allowing you to schedule email reports at a set frequency so clients know when to hear from you. 

Some tools even allow you to pull data from their tools through their API into your own reporting system. This will give you more freedom to visually customize your data and share the right insights wherever you want.   

The SEO tools we’ll discuss in a bit have these white-label reporting features. But they also have more.

Here are our top picks for white-label local rank trackers. 


Top 5 Local Rank Trackers with White-Label Reporting



local rank trackers with white-label reporting - is an affordable keyword rank tracking and reporting software. 

It offers everything you need for local keyword monitoring, local SERP tracking, geolocation rank tracking, and custom white-label reports — all at a competitive price point for freelancers, teams, agencies specializing in local SEO, or enterprise clients. 

You can filter your input to get ranking data tailored to the device types, specific zip codes, cities, or service areas. 


Find local business rankings by tracking keywords with the Google Local Maps feature and refine your search with popular trademarks around the specific location you’re searching for. You can also see how you’re doing against your competitors on the SERPs with this feature. 

As the tool refreshes daily, you can see daily updates about the local SERP rankings even without syncing your client’s Google Business Profile. 


Best White-Label Reporting Features has:

  • White-label customization, enabling you to create branded SEO ranking reports with your company’s logo. You can also ship them to a custom domain without’s watermark. 
  • Looker Studio integration, which gives you advanced customization capabilities. You can build your reports using colorful graphs and charts to visualize big data better and gain deeper insights. 
  • Third-party verification tool to ensure you generate an accurate local keyword rankings report that your clients can easily verify.
  • Shareable live performance link, allowing you to share a live report with clients. This goes hand-in-hand with the Spyglass verification feature to solidify trust by showing your clients their unbiased rankings on the SERPs.
  • Scheduled automated email reports that you can send to multiple recipients. They can get it in CSV or PDF formats at any set time. 
  • API integration, enabling you to pull data into your existing reporting system, further streamlining your workflow.


Why made our list: aside from being our tool, we walk the talk when it comes to ranking, monitoring, and reporting. is not an all-in-one SEO toolkit. So, we’ve invested premium resources to ensure it always gives accurate keyword ranking data. 


2. Ahrefs

local rank trackers with white-label reporting - ahrefs


Ahrefs needs no introduction – they’re SEO software giants known for their comprehensive suite of tools. 

Their rank tracker lets you monitor your rankings across mobile and desktop to see where your general or local SEO efforts are paying off on the SERPs. It enables you to track up to 10,000 keyword rankings by country, state, city, and postal or ZIP codes.


ahrefs with white-label reports feature


Because the rank tracker isn’t specifically built for local SEO, it can easily overwhelm you with unnecessary data, which might make you lose sight of important details. 

While Ahrefs’ tools are robust, their rank tracker comes as an add-on at a premium price, making them unaffordable for smaller, specialized agencies.


Best White-Label Reporting Features

You can create SEO reports using Ahrefs but can’t generate reports for keyword rank tracking data alone. An Ahrefs SEO report generally contains info on

  • Organic traffic progress,
  • Keyword ranking progress,
  • Backlink growth
  • SEO KPIs and SEO health.


This makes it tricky to use if your core focus is monitoring the SERP history for keyword performance and communicating the insights with clients. 

Except for SEO audit reports, there’s no current way to white-label your rank-tracking reports with this tool, based on our research.

Why Ahrefs made our list: despite lacking dedicated local SEO features, Ahrefs has a powerful SEO suite that makes it an excellent choice for agencies specializing in advanced SEO. For agencies handling complex SEO projects, robust rank tracking and comprehensive data analysis can be essential.


3. SEMrush

local rank trackers with white-label reporting - semrush


Like Ahrefs, SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO suite with local rank-tracking functionality baked in. 

SEMrush’s position tracking tool lets you track local keyword performance, competitor domains, and SERP rankings across different device types and zip code areas.


semrush with white-label reports feature


Also, their list management tool offers access to over 150+ global directories to manage your client’s local business listing. But here’s the kicker: being an all-encompassing enterprise solution means it has a hefty price tag. This makes SEMrush less viable for local agencies that need extensive reporting features but are on tighter budgets.


Best White-Label Reporting Features

SEMrush has:

  • Custom PDF reports, which allow you to create stunning personalized reports with your agency’s logo and color scheme or use any of SEMrush’s pre-designed themes. 
  • Automated email reporting to keep you up to date regularly. You can go a step further and use a custom sender, reply-to address, and signature when emailing these reports to SEO clients.
  • Transparent reporting to ensure clients can access the Report dashboard via the client portal to see progress. 


Note: You can only access these white-label features if you subscribe to SEMrush’s Agency Growth Kit.

Why SEMrush made our list: the comprehensive nature of their tool makes it easy for local SEO agencies (who can afford to) to use it as a one-stop SEO shop. This makes it a solid option for those with needs beyond white-labeling. 


4. ProRankTracker

local rank trackers with white-label reporting - proranktracker


ProRankTracker is another rank-tracking tool that tracks rank in local searches. It also comes with advanced white-label reporting options designed for SEOs.

The tool can provide updated information on Google Packs and Google Maps listings. 

For each tracked term, you can drill down to specific locations to access local keyword search volume and suggestions based on your competitors’ keywords.

You can view your local ranking data from five different angles: Summary view, URL view, Term view, Daily view, and Full SERPs. This gives you deeper insights into your client’s local SERP rankings.


Best White-Label Reporting Features

ProRankTracker has:

  • Pre-designed report types for different results and in various formats. You can generate these reports on schedule and share them with clients and teammates promptly. 
  • Reports notification alerts to ensure you keep a pulse on everything happening, including subtle changes in rankings. 
  • White-label and customized templates for your local keyword ranking reports. You can set your color scheme and add your company’s header and footer. You can also send clients reports via your custom email address or share reports to appear under your own domain name. 


Why ProRankTracker made our list: local rank tracking aside, its ability to track local search volumes and access SERP insights from multiple vantage points make it a compelling choice for local SEO campaigns.


5. SEO PowerSuite

local rank trackers with white-label reporting - seo powersuite


The SEO PowerSuite offers various useful SEO tools for agencies, including a local rank tracker that helps monitor keyword performance and local search engine rankings in over 500 localized search engines.

You can see your rankings across SERPs on multiple or specific locations and device types. You can also check if you rank for SERP features in those locations.

Their local rank tracker tool also lets you monitor organic positions, specific Local Packs, and other rich results for location-based queries. Moreover, it keeps a SERP history upon each rank check, letting you track your rankings over time. 


Best White-Label Reporting Features

SEO PowerSuite has:

  • Editable pre-designed reporting templates to help kickstart your report creation process. 
  • Custom white-label editor that lets you customize your SEO reports from scratch. The add-and-drop editor allows you to edit the layout, remove unnecessary widgets, or define the SEO data visualization style. 
  • Fully automated reporting, which lets you choose how to deliver your white-label SEO reports to clients. You can send these reports by email, print a PDF, or send a shareable report link.  


Why SEO Powersuite made our list: you don’t see a local rank tracker tool with access to 500+ localized search engines every day. It may be excessive for some agencies, but it could open you up to other opportunities.  


Final Thoughts

SEO software with many tools can be overwhelming, especially when you only need to make sense of specific data. is a dedicated local rank tracker tool with robust white-label customization features that drown out the noise, let you focus on what matters most, and communicate the insights to your clients and teammates. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Track Local SERP Rankings with

You can track your local SERP rankings in real time with our SERP tracker. It is equipped with a third-party verification tool to ensure you get accurate data. Use our SERP tracker to filter for specific locations and see how many pages appear in the SERPs for that keyword. Then, estimate local ranking difficulty based on that and other data you’ve gathered from the tool. 


How Can I Choose The Right Local Rank Tracker for My Needs?

Assess your core needs first. Are you worried about data accuracy? Or, need robust customization features? Perhaps you also need to create white-label reports for an affordable price. Go for a dedicated local rank tracker like It’s a tool with a streamlined use case, focusing on keyword rank tracking, monitoring, and reporting alone. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed with other kinds of SEO data and can focus on what matters most.