301 Redirect Not Working – Here’s How to Fix It

Whether you are establishing canonical pages, changing URL of a page on your website or migrating your website from one domain to another, using 301 redirects allows visitors a smooth user experience while retaining their respective SEO value. However, using 301 redirections is a huge undertaking especially if you’re moving thousands of pages. A simple […]

Indexed, Though Blocked by Robots.txt: Everything You Need to Know

If you have pages on your website that Google indexed but can’t crawl, you will receive an “Indexed, Though Blocked by Robots.txt” message on your Google Search Console (GSC). While Google can view these pages, it won’t show them as part of search engine results pages for their target keywords. If this is the case, […]

How to See Google Search Results for Other Locations

To understand your site’s search performance, you must track where you rank on organic search results. However, what if you want to see how your sites perform on search results for a specific location? Maybe you want to see if your website or your client’s website is ranking for a specific city or street address, […]

SEO Share of Voice – What is it and How to Calculate?

As an SEO, you want to make sense of the keywords you’re optimizing for against the competition. For instance, do you know how much traffic you’re generating for your page based on your target keyword(s) and search position? By answering this question, you’ll be able to generate insights about your content and competitors on SERPs. […]

How to Use Google Trends to Find a Niche

When building e-commerce or niche sites, conventional wisdom dictates that you go with topics with lots of easy-to-rank-for keywords, cheap products that you can private-label, and others. However, almost everyone will be doing the same. So if you’re looking to be different, why not travel the road less traveled? I’m talking about using emerging trends […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Monitor Your Organic Traffic

You don’t always need a fancy or expensive SEO tool to get insights about your SEO efforts. Google Analytics is totally free, and it gives you a wealth of data about your website’s visitors. Use the insights we’re about to share with you in this guide to up your SEO game and do basic keyword […]

How to Track SEO Rankings – The Ultimate Guide

With ad costs on the rise and the barriers to entry to launching a website virtually non-existent, SEO is more important than ever. To succeed in the ultra-competitive world of SEO, however, you have to be diligent. You should also embrace the concept of “work smarter, not harder.” For example, you could create virtual mountains […] is Joining

I’m excited to share that GrowthRobotics is now joining I created in 2012 as a simple tool to help track SEO rankings, and since then, thousands of SEO professionals and agencies have been leveraging this to win more SEO rankings and clients. We are currently increasing our efforts to help SEO agencies with GrowthRobotics. What […]