Keyword research is an essential component of your SEO campaign. This is where you aim to find low competition keywords to rank for. Doing so allows you to rank on top of search results faster and receive more organic traffic in the process.
Keyword research is at the heart of every successful SEO strategy. Finding low competition keywords with high monthly search volume allows you to generate tons of organic traffic to your site, provided you create high-quality content optimized for target keywords.
So, you are running an SEO campaign on your website and want to know what kind of impact is it having on your website’s performance. Where do you begin? Let’s face it: there are so many factors to consider which can make measuring your site’s SEO performance overwhelming.
Search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the most sustainable and manageable ways to drive traffic to your website. By developing a solid SEO strategy and then executing it the right way, you can expect your website to rank higher in Google search results and increase online visibility of your business.
The goal of writing blog posts is to get the attention of your target audience and introduce them to your brand. From here, the possibilities are endless—they can join your email list, buy your products, or subscribe to the services you offer.
As SEOs, your priority is to rank your website (or your client’s website) on top of organic search for its target keywords. But to get there, you need to know how your website is currently performing. This is where the SEO site audit process comes in.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that requires time and patience. You can’t expect your site to rank on top of Google and drive lots of organic traffic within days or even weeks. Most of the time, it could take years before you can see the results of your SEO strategy, which could be frustrating for some.
The Amazon Associate affiliate program remains one of the most popular affiliate programs to date. There are over 95 million Amazon Prime members and and an average of $1.4k spent by each member annually according to Statista.